Shapiro: Transformative Assets

Topics: United States, Federation, European Union Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: September 13, 2013
State and Local Government
Professor Russell
9/11/2013 Fall
Unitary, Confederate, and Federal System
A Unitary, Confederate, and Federal System go hand-in-hand. As they are continuances of a unitary type, to a Confederacy with Federalism sitting in the middle. There are advantages and disadvantages of each system.

A unitary system is “A system in which all authority is derived from a central authority.” According to “Bowman’s State and Local Government text book, pg. 25,” “more than 90% of the countries have a unitary system.” A unitary system is where most legal power is in the hands of the Central Government. It is considered an organization that conceals a very strong Central Government, but a very weak Local Jurisdiction. There are advantages and disadvantages of a unitary system. The advantages are 1. It helps with fewer conflicts between the National and Local Government. 2. They help carry-out greater unitary and stability. The disadvantages are 1. Slow in meeting local problems 2. They are out of touch with local concerns.

A Confederate System is considered the opposite of the Unitary System. A Confederate System is “A league of sovereign states in which a limited central government exercises free Independent powers.” This system provides a Central Government to deal with areas of mutual concerns, such as, common currency; when it comes to other areas for Confederate Systems to take charge, the member states ban these actions to be taken care of by the Confederate System. “The United States is a confederacy, it was established in 1861.” The Confederation is “A union that consists of parties, united groups, and leagues.” There are also advantages and disadvantages of the confederate system. The advantages of a Confederate System are 1. Keeps power at local levels, preventing the growth of large Central Government. 2. They make it possible for the several states to cooperate in matters of common concerns. The disadvantages are 1. Having a weak...
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