Wellness and Wellbeing

Topics: Health, Public health, Personal life Pages: 11 (3934 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Name: Tan Shin Hui
Student Number: 11491627
Subject code: EEB309
Assessment Number: Assessment item 1
Assessment title: Wellness Audit Report
Word count: 2091 words
Date submitted: 26th March 2012.

Title: Wellness Audit Report
In this service/centre that I’m working in, I’ve attended the courses that they provide which is The Diploma in Children’s Services, as an early childhood educator were expected to participate in various health classes in order to meet our centre’s requirements. Our centre aims to offer and provide a secure, loving and stimulating environment in which the individual needs of each child can be met. We provide a special regard for the cultural, language and ethnic needs of all the children and their families. Because of these classes and courses that we were required to take, I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of human health. I learned about the six dimensions of health and understood that there was more to being a healthy person than being well physically. I was also taught that I have a great deal of control over my wellness. I was taught that by making positive or negative lifestyle choices I would be controlling my level of wellness. I know quite a bit about what I should and shouldn’t do, so why do I still make negative choices?

Table of Content: Page: a) Introduction| Page 3|
b) Background| Page 3 & 4|
c) Discussion| Page 4,5,6 & 7|
d) Conclusion| Page 8|
e) Recommendations| Page 9|
f) References| Page 10|
g) Forum Postings| Page 11|

This report is directed to the director, management, staff and the other stakeholders of Sunshine National School The challenges of balancing work, school, and a social life can sometimes seem like a major task. However, in spite of these challenges the six dimensions of health are the keys to living a quality and prosperous life. My objective is to identify the six dimensions of health, I will then defined them and explained Why is the six dimensions of health is important in a Childcare centre. In addition, I will discuss how I will make changes to improve that health dimension in the future. Finally, I will discuss what I want to learn in this course to help me lead a healthy lifestyle. Background:

This report is here to introduce the different types of health and to explain the importance of each health. This report have a big impact to educators, children and their families as well. Six dimensions of health have been identified as Physical Health, Intellectual Health, Social Health, Emotional Health, Environmental Health and Spiritual Health. However all of these need to be a part of life (Donatelle, R. (2006). Promoting Health behavior change, In Access to health (9th ed,) (pp. 3-37). San Francisco : Benjamin Cummings.

1) Physical Health - encourages participation in regular physical activities which improve cardiovascular strength and endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. 2) Intellectual health- encourages continued learning, problem solving and creativity. This dimension involves improving verbal skills, keeping abreast of social and political issues and reading books, magazines, and newspapers. The act of knowing and questioning to know keeps the mental state busy enhancing self-esteem and positive attitudes. 3) Social Health- encourages in taking an active part in improving the community by supporting a healthy living environment and initiating better communication with others, Becoming more aware of your importance in society, improving our world by encouraging healthy lifestyles and initiating better communication with those around you. 4) Emotional Health- involves in feeling positive and enthusiastic about ourselves and life, in general. Development in this dimension includes recognition of feelings and the ability to manage feelings, being able to develop autonomy, maintain...

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* Provide an education and environment that stimulates the holistic being of the child.
(Sunshine National School, 2008).
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