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Web Quest 1 Rape: a Pennsylvania's definition of statutory rape: 1 “... engages in sexual intercourse with a complainant to whom the person is not married who is under the age of 16 years” b How much older than the victim must the perpetrator be in order for the intercourse to be considered statutory rape? 2 "Four years older but less than eight years older than the complainant; or eight years older but less than 11 years older than the complainant." c According to that section, how old must someone be to legally give consent to sexual intercourse? 3 16 years old. d If two 15 year-olds have intercourse in PA, is that considered statutory rape? No, it’s not; so, what is the intention of the statutory rape law in PA? 4 To prevent rape, not consensual but underage sex. e According to paragraph 3122.1, what level of felony is statutory rape in PA? 5 Second degree. f Jail sentences and fines someone in PA could be given for that level of crime: 6 5-10 years/$25,000 2 Rape: g How do those sections define “date rape” in PA? 7 “(4) Where the person has substantially administering or employing without the knowledge of the complainant, drugs, intoxicants, or other means” h What level of crime is date rape in PA? 8 First Degree i Write down the jail sentences and fines someone in PA could be given for that level of crime: 9 10-20 years in prison and fine of $25,000. j According to paragraph 3121 subsection b, what additional penalties can be imposed for someone who uses date rape drugs in the commission of the crime of date rape? 10 Additional term not to exceed 10 years, additional amount not to exceed $100,000. 3 Rape: k What are 3 factors that can contribute to the occurrence of date rape? 11 Date rape usually occurs when the victim is alone with the perpetrator. The use of alcohol and drugs. Lack of clear communication l Does the factor “being alone” mean one can never be alone with anyone else? 12 No. It means that people shouldn't be alone with someone who they do not trust. Common sense. m What are the two sides of “clear communication?” 13 The girl/guy has to say something, and the other girl/guy needs to listen. n What does the phrase “No means No” imply? 14 The girl/guy does not want to go further. o What types of force can be used in the commission of rape/date rape? 15 Physical, verbal/anger, or by use/display of a weapon. p Why did we talk about prom night when discussing the topic of date rape? 16 " Sex is also not a 'deserved reward' for spending a substantial amount of money on a date." 4 Rape: q Church’s definition of rape: 17 " Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. " r 3 reasons why the Catholic Church considers rape sinful: 18 "It does injury to justice and charity, it deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right, and can mark the victim for life." s How does rape injure justice and charity? 19 People don't feel safe when rape is a possibility (justice). It harms others (charity) t How does rape wound the respect, freedom and physical and moral integrity of its victims? 20 Rapists look at people as objects (respect). Harms their body parts (physical). It goes against their moral beliefs (morality). u What are at least 2 ways that rape can mark a victim for life? 21 Physiologically (depression, suicide). Physically (scars, baby) v When the Catechism uses the term “sexual intimacy of another person,” what does it mean by that? Give an answer with at least 2 pieces. 22 Physical parts, and Emotions 5 Rape: w Write down the headings for what a college/university could do to someone accused of this crime on campus. 23 Administrative Hearing Officers 24 Conduct Warning 25 Crimes of Violence 26 Disciplinary Hold 27 Disciplinary Report 28 Dismissal 29 Incident Report 30 Interim Suspension 31 Judicial Board 32 Preliminary Hearing Officer

6 Sexual Harassment: x Of what 2 FEDERAL laws is sexual harassment a violation? 33 Civil rights act (title 7), Education amendment (title 9). Meaning: Federal Law. Can only happen in school, or place of work. y What are the 3 conditions used to determine whether an action constitutes sexual harassment? 34 Submission to such conduct is made either implicitly or explicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment. 35 Submission to or rejection of such conduct …is used as a the basis for employment decisions affecting the individual. 36 Such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.'" z How many of those 3 conditions must an action meet in order for the action to be considered sexual harassment? 37 Only one. { What do those conditions mean when they state “a term or condition of an individual’s employment? 38 Hired or fired. | What do they mean when they state “used as a basis for employment decisions"? 39 Vacation time, overtime, bigger office etc. Has nothing to do with violation of contract. } Name at least 5 employment decisions (decisions affecting an employee) which do not have anything to do with whether the employee gets hired or fired. 40 Vacation time, overtime, bigger/smaller office, business trips, etc. ~ Be able to recognize examples of a “hostile, offensive, or intimidating work environment.” 41 Posters of girls/guys. Talk about men/women in degrading ways. "Blonde Jokes"  What are the names of the five categories of sexual harassment? 42 Define/example each: 1 Gender Harassment: Obscene Jokes, use of innuendos 2 Seductive behavior: Unwanted sexual advances after being told to stop. 3 Sexual Bribery: A solicitation of sexual activity for something in return. 4 Sexual Coercion: Asking for sex multiple times. 5 Sexual Imposition: forcefully touching, feeling, or grabbing. Can an action be harassment even if not intended to be (see bottom of page)? 43 Yes. Can sexual harassment happen in schools? 44 Yes. Can someone be harassed by someone of the same sex? 45 Yes. Can students be harassed only by teachers? 46 No. If not, by whom else can they be harassed? 47 Other students. What are the 2 main types of sexual harassment which take place in schools? 48 Verbal, physical. 7 Harassment: What does this agency have to do with sexual harassment in PA? 49 Human Relations Commission What is the name of the PA law that covers sexual harassment? 50 Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Act Can an employer be sued for harassment of an employee by a non-employee in PA? 51 Yes. In PA, can an employer be sued for granting benefits/promotion to an employee who acquiesces to sexual harassment instead of to an equally-qualified employee who doesn’t acquiesce? 52 Yes. 8 Pornography: Does paragraph 2211 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church teach that governments have a duty to protect their citizens from certain dangers, including pornography? 53 Yes Why do you think the Catholic Church teaches that? 54 It destroys marriage and can lead young children to get the wrong idea about sex. First sentence of the paragraph is the Church’s definition of pornography. 55 "Pornography consists in removing real or simulated sexual acts from the intimacy of the partners, in order to display them deliberately to third parties." Three reasons why the Church opposes pornography. 56 Perverts a conjugal act[sex], immerses people in a fantasy world, and injures dignity. Two ways that pornography perverts the conjugal act? 57 Undermines meaning (taste of heaven) and cheap entertainment. How does pornography immerse people in a dangerous illusion, and why is that illusion so alluring/tempting/addictive? 58 It makes people think that what they see in the pornography will happen with their real life partners. "The pornography never says no." People can imagine the person doing anything they want, and that person won't say "no". How did prostitution/pornography/strip clubs take over his life? 59 He spent thousands of dollars on them. He was living a double life, one with his wife and daughter, and one with a dancer named Summer. He was willing to kill (his wife) to save his fantasy. 9 Online and Out of Control. What 3 characteristics of internet pornography have contributed to an increase in on-line addictions (they all begin with the letter A)? 60 Access, affordability, Anonymity. How many hours per week must a person spend looking at internet pornography for psychologists to deem that the person has a “problem?” 61 5.7 hours per week. What 3 ironies are inherent in online pornography addiction? 62 The addiction isn't about sex, it's about loneliness. The orgasm is anticlimactic. The addiction fosters a sense of claustrophobic solipsism (by oneself). How did addiction to internet pornography affect the lives of some of the men profiled in this article? 63 It affected them badly. It was expensive to get the proper treatment to cure them of their addiction. 10 Resources for fighting pornography. What are 5 things people/communities can do to fight pornography? 64 Know the issue. 65 Get Organized 66 Federal Efforts 67 Local and State Efforts 68 Online Resources One specific thing this group (the kings men) is doing to combat pornography. 69 They have organized over 100 protests and demonstrations 11 Pornography: What's The Problem? What are 5 ways that pornography can be addressed on a natural level? 70 Decide to get well 71 Remove all sources of temptation 72 Be willing to make sacrifices 73 Become familiar with the ritual or process by which one falls into addictive behavior 74 Seek support groups. What are 5 ways it can be addressed on a supernatural level? 75 Go to confession and receive Holy Communion frequently. 76 Develop a daily prayer life. 77 Seek education and formation in the human, cardinal and theological virtues. 78 Practice patience and perseverance 79 Replace the images and past behaviors that inevitably torment one during recovery with God’s love. Effects of pornography (Pornography and violence in the social communication media): 80 Violence in media 81 weakens moral fiber of society 82 causes sin 83 children imitating violence seen in media 84 “can foster unhealthy preoccupations in fantasy and behaviour” 85 sadistic influence 86 gradual desensitizing effect 87 moral growth interference 88 wholesome family life undermined 89 “can act as an inciting or reinforcing agent in the behaviour of dangerous sex offenders” 90 consideration of others as objects rather than people What does paragraph 14 mean by “gradually desensitizing effect?” 91 It can lead people to gradually be morally numb/insensitive. 5 possible causes for the existence and spread of pornography: 92 Money, lack of proper laws, confusion, pervasive moral permissiveness and bad libertarian arguments What does the phrase “pervasive moral permissiveness” mean? 93 People are “ rooted in the search for personal gratification at any cost” What does the phrase “bad libertarian arguments” mean? 94 “Freedom of expression is said by some to require the toleration of pornography, even at the cost of the moral welfare” Approximately what % of American workers access pornography on-line at work (The tangled web of porn in the office)? 95 23% What are 3 reasons why companies are worried about this? 96 “Lost hours of productivity” 97 “Sexual harassment lawsuits” 98 “Exposees computers to viruses” What change was the American Psychiatric Association considering for its 2010 revision of the DSM regarding internet/sexual addictions (A look at the DSM-V draft)? 99 They are adding it to a list of behavioral addictions. And they say: “Internet addiction and sex addiction are not disorders that can be diagnosed at this time” What eventually happened to this recommendation in the revised version of the DSM? 100 They did not pass it. What is the Witherspoon Institute? 101 “an independent research center that works to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free and democratic societies. ” In general, what did this report conclude (The Social Costs of Pornography: A Statement of Findings and Recommendations.)? 102 “research suggests that pornography consumption - especially consumption of a more hard-core or violent sort - has negative effects on individuals and society...a growing body of research strongly suggests that for some users pornography can be psychologically addictive, and can negatively affect the quality of interpersonal relationships, sexual health and performance, and social expectations about sexual behavior.” In general, who was on the commission that issued the report? 103 Researchers from Princeton University. 12 Masturbation: For what three reasons does the Church oppose masturbation? 104 “They are contrary to the natural law.” 105 “They close the sexual act to the gift of life.” 106 “They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity.” Is masturbation always a mortal sin? 107 Masturbation is not always a mortal sin What do priests need to take into account during confession when judging the seriousness of this action? 108 The priest must take into account the affective immaturity, force of acquired habit, conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen, if not even reduce to a minimum, moral culpability 13 Homosexuality: Why does the church consider activity sinful? 109 The act is sinful, not just being gay. Why? One is a choice, the orientation is not. What does the word “disordered” mean in this paragraph? 110 There is a plan/order, and being gay is outside of the order. What does the Catholic Church teach about how gay persons should be treated? 111 The church teaches gay persons should be treated with respect. Gay persons can be members of the catholic church, and they will not go to hell for being gay. Can gay persons be members of the Catholic Church? 112 The church expects gay people should live lives of chastity. Homosexual activity would not be moral if gay marriage were legalized.
14. Gay Marriage: a The Church opposes gay marriage because A- marriage is sacred and must be kept as a union between man and woman. and B- marriage of two homosexual persons is not procreative b Mr. Fitz told us: Marriage is to help both sexes help to know what it feels to be like a man/woman. The church says that legalizing gay marriage is not the right way to grant civil rights to gays.
15. Cohabitation: a 4 criteria used to define cohabitation: a relationship of man and woman, who are sexually active, share a household, and are not married. b The main reason why cohabitation is sinful: b Because the couple is not married. c Couples justify cohabitation by saying: c “it’s more convenient”, “We’re trying to save money for the wedding, so living together is more economical”, “Because of the high divorce rate, we want to see if things work out first”, “We need to know one another first. Later we’ll start having kids”, and “The Church is just outdated and out of touch with its thinking in this matter. Birth control made those old rules obsolete.” d A summary of the bishops response: d The circumstances aren’t all that important. What matters is that cohabitation leads to the cutting short of a relationship just to get to the climax and doesn’t help build a long standing trust. e What is the sin of scandal, and how can cohabitation be that sin? e The sin of scandal is an action or event regarded as morally wrong that is visible to the general public. Cohabitation can be that sin because it not only affects the couple who cohabitates but also others around them, such as small children who are morally immature and are easily impressioned upon. If they see this happening they believe it is ok because other people are doing it. This is a truth they can hold with them their entire lives if not corrected. f Summary of the church’s argument that cohabitation is a bad preparation for marriage: f Cohabitation is a bad preparation for marriage because it violates God’s commandments and the law of the church. Also, living together before marriage increases the chances of divorce and it doesn’t foster a good, healthy relationship because it will appear to be only about sexual gratification, and not about a personal relationship and committed love. g The four reasons why couples may have to abstain from sexual intercourse for an extended period of time: g illness, military service, business travel, or for the good of the spouse (ie. after pregnancy) h Why do the Bishops take the time to point out these realities to unmarried couples? h The point the bishops are trying to make is that a couple should practice abstinence before marriage in preparation for the times in marriage where they will be separated and intercourse will be impossible.

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