Case Brief

Topics: Appeal, Law, Crime Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: January 23, 2012

Case: State of Missouri v. David R. Bullock, 03CR679889.MO, [] Facts:At the time of the filing of his appeal, Mr. David R. Bullock had been charged and convicted of attempted statutory rape (under RSMO 566.032 and 564.011) and attempted sexual exploitation of a minor (under RSMO 564.011 and RSMO 566.032). David R. Bullock engaged in several conversations via email and chat rooms with a Newton County Deputy Sheriff who was conducting a sting operation against pedophiles. The Deputy took on a persona of a thirteen year old female by the name of “Ashley Anne”. Many of the conversations that took place between Mr. Bullock and “Ashley” were of a sexual nature. During conversations between Mr. Bullock and “Ashley”, he discussed how he would like to engage in certain acts (sexual) with her and her friends (girls of younger age) and how he would like to video those acts. He informed “Ashley” that the conversations about meeting with her and her friends should not be discussed because it was not legal for them to meet. Eventually a meeting was scheduled for a time and a place to meet and specific instructions were given to “Ashley” on how the meeting should take place. “Ashley” was told that upon her arrival to the specified location, she should meet Mr. Bullock in a specific area of that location.

On October 18, 2002, Mr. Bullock and the decoy “Ashley” were present at the specified location, along with computer and video equipment in his vehicle, which ultimately leads to
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Mr. Bullock being arrested. At the time of the arrest, Mr. Bullock did not deny having conversations with “Ashley” but explained that if she would arrive, he just wanted her to be counseled by the authorities on the dangers of meeting strangers on the internet. Mr. Bullock argues that his case is a case of entrapment and that he took no “substantial steps” towards committing the crimes he has been charged...

Cited: Schmalleger, Hall & Dolatowski, Criminal Law Today, Columbia College Edition, Custom Publishing, New York, 2010.
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