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Annotated Bibliography
Works Cited

Campbell, Nedra D. More Justice More Peace: A Black Person’s Guide To The American Legal System. Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books, 2003.

This book provides detailed accounts where the judicial system shows discrimination toward minorities, proving persons of color are sentenced to mandatory jail terms more than any other race.

Carrillo, Silvio. Should Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws be Repealed? 13 December 2000. 21 October 2010

The author discusses the acts of 1986, which changed the law pertaining to the Anti-Drug Abuse act and the sentencing of violators. This article also examines the overcrowding of prisons related to mandatory sentencing.

Caulkins, Jonathan P. Rydell, Peter C. Schwabe, William and Chiesa James. Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences: Throwing Away the Key or the Taxpayers’ Money. California/Washington DC: Rand, 1997.

This book explains the law and surrounding debate on mandatory minimum sentences, the fulfillment of the objectives, cost and consequences, and the details of the static analysis. It additionally reviews the differences in drug quantities (level of violation) and the sentences applied.

Dollak, Amanda. Understanding Sentencing Guidelines & Mandatory Sentences in The American Criminal Justice System:
1 October 2010. 21 October 2010

This article discusses federal guidelines for mandatory sentences as well as state and local rules on sanctions that must be served upon conviction. This article also examines the dismissals for criminals who act as informants.

FAMM. What are Mandatory Minimums?
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