Voltaic Cells - Lab Design

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Lab design –Voltaic Cells

Aim Of Experiment
In this experiment, we are going to make a battery by making an electron current between the metals Zinc and Copper. We aim two study the voltaic cells and the transfer of electrons from the metal to the ion. The tendency for the electrons to flow from one chemical to another, such as from the zinc metal to the copper ion as shown here, is something that can be channeled and controlled. Channeling the flow of electrons is what we will take up in this experiment.

Research question

How would changing the shape of zinc and copper affect the voltage of the battery considering that each one have different shape but the mass is the same in both?


Dependent variable: The voltage produced
Independent variable: The shape of the Cupper and Zinc
Controlled: The mass of copper and zinc


1. Copper metal and copper ions
2. Zinc metal and zinc ions
3. 2 Filter papers
4. Potassium Chloride (KCl)
5. Voltmeter (+- 0.1)
6. Goggles
7. Lab coat
8. Two Beakers (100ml each one)


* First, put the filter paper with some Potassium Chloride (KCl) until it gets wet. * Then, separate the two beakers enough and then put the filter paper as salt bridge. This salt bridge allows electrons to flow between the cells without mixing the solutions. * Next, put the metals into the beakers with metal ions, each one with their metal ions. * After that, connect the metals, Zinc and Copper, to the voltmeter. * Finally, write the voltage obtained every minute. Keep doing this until 15 minutes have passed. Repeat the process with the metals that have another shape.
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