Vodafone Zoozoos – a Successful Marketing Strategy

Topics: Social network service, Indian Premier League, Facebook Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: February 20, 2012
ZooZoo, the new brand ambassador of Vodafone, has created a furore in the advertising industry. Zoozoos have been successful in giving Vodafone a makeover and establishing maximum brand presence. I consider it to be a perfect example of a well-laid out marketing strategy for the following reasons: Vodafone chose the Indian Premier League 2 (IPL-2) as a platform to launch their advertisement, which proved to be a great marketing strategy. Cricket is considered to be a religion in India, and Zoozooz captured attention of nearly two billion people during the IPL. People eagerly waited for breaks between matches to see more stories about Zoozoo. Zoozoos are small pseudo-animated characters with big egg-shaped head, round belly but extremely thin arms and legs. It was a fresh and innovative concept and Vodafone wonderfully promoted their services by creating different stories featuring Zoozoos. The charm of the Zoozoo was itself a great self-marketing strategy and they were instant success among masses. Within few days, Zoozooz created a huge audience for them, giving a boost to the Vodafone brand. People were already in awe of those cute and lovable characters, but the curiosity heightened when Vodafone disclosed that Zoozooz were not animated, rather humans were playing those characters. People were even more hungry to know about their favorite Zoozooz. In the second phase, after the release of these ads, Vodafone promoted these characters on social media sites, which was another wise decision. Zoozoo fan clubs are there on social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Twitter, and many more, where they have a huge followings. Now Vodafone has announced to launch the Zoozoo goodies like zoozoo toys, zoozoo mugs, zoozoo keychains, zoozoo t-shirts, etc. Zoozooz have themselves become a brand and it will be interesting to see how Vodafone uses this concept in future to promote their services.
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