International Marketing Plan for Zaxbys

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Zaxby’s in Canada: Company Report

Executive Summary
Zaxby’s was founded in 1990 as a franchised chain of fast casual restaurants primarily in the Southeastern United States. Guest loyalty, developing employees, expansion, and increased sales are the corporate vision that Zaxby’s has used to grow and develop its brand. Product/Service

Zaxby’s is in business to provide a lunch and dinner fast food restaurant with high quality food products, as well as unsurpassed customer service, all at an affordable yet competitive price. Target Market

Zaxby’s targets chicken lovers from the age group of 22-45 with minimum average household income of $42,000. Canada has about 68.5 percent of its people in the age group of 15-65 with about 40 percent in age group of 22-45. With a large middle age group it allows you to build customer loyalty. Competitive Position

The restaurant chain offers a much wider variety of items on its menu, when compared to competitors such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chic-fil-A. Zaxby’s is most famous for its chicken products. The chicken used is actually hand-breaded and made fresh. Most of our competitors in the United States such as McDonald’s use processed and mechanically separated chicken for their sandwiches and tenders. Goals and Objectives

Gain a loyal clientele and gain a large portion of the Canadian fast good market. •Of course make a profit.
Open up a new door in the global marketplace for Zaxby’s expansion.
Chapter 1 – Company Selection
1) Background of the Company
A. Zaxby’s History
It all started in 1990 in the small town of Statesboro, Georgia near Georgia Southern University. Childhood friends Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley came up with the idea of Zaxby’s. The restaurant is only open for lunch and dinner and the menu is built around chicken wings and chicken tenders with sandwiches and salads, or “Zalads”, made with the same fried or grilled tenders. They offer a wide assortment of wing and dipping sauces including Wimpy (mild), Tongue Torch (hot), honey mustard and ranch. Their prices are a little high on the fast-food price scale, but that is counteracted by quality food and more of a “good food fast” policy instead of fast food. Their restaurants are unique in almost every way possible. The employees don’t wear just a regular fast food t-shirt as their uniform, they wear upbeat and catchy t-shirts that advertise certain sauces or promotions that they may be marketing to the public at the time. The restaurants are highly individualistic in design across each regional culture that you visit. The Zaxby’s in Athens, Georgia is decorated with University of Georgia memorabilia while the Zaxby’s in Buford, Georgia, only 45 miles away, is decorated more subtly with items such as antiques. The decorations are never boring and always give visitors something fun and entertaining to look at while enjoying their meal. Zaxby’s is located in every southern state except Louisiana, but there are locations coming soon to the state. They continue to expand domestically and have ventured up north and have a location in Indiana now too. B. International Operations

Zaxby’s does not have any international locations. The company has expanded from its original Statesboro location to neighboring states and will continue to do so intra-nationally throughout the United States. It currently has 500 locations throughout 12 states with location efforts focused on the Southeast United States. 2) Competitive Advantage

Zaxby’s outperforms its competitors by developing highly skilled employees dedicated to high customer satisfaction, serving freshly cooked food, offering a wide variety of menu items at affordable prices, and offering a pleasing environment for customers to dine in. The restaurant chain offers a much wider variety of items on its menu when compared to competitors such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chic-fil-A. Zaxby’s is most famous for its chicken products. The...

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