Visual Cues to Keep in Mind While Making a Brochure

Topics: Rhetoric, Ethos, Pathos Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: May 7, 2012
In order for effective reception, the intended audience determines how a brochure will be written and organized. Factors like design, message content, modes of persuasion, and schematics must all be carefully assessed and applied. The topic of ‘Inadequate Education in America’ came from just graduating from the punch line that is high school. The audience for this topic includes everyone who lives in America since the education of the youth today affects every aspect of the future of the country. This brochure was created to reach everyone on a logical and emotional level in order to catalyze a change in thinking and action to be taken.

In making the brochure, the first and main constraint considered is the audience. In this case the scope of the audience requires many factors to be considered. The brochure has to take every type of person into account; appealing to all, while being cautious not to be prejudice or biased in any aspect. The overall theme of the brochure is patriotic, with Uncle Sam on the front and red, white and blue colors throughout. This was chosen to appeal to the ethos of the audience and evoke a feeling of duty to America. Pathos are incorporated into the brochure by mentioning that I am a student and witness the failing education system day in and day out, and also citing some sources of qualified information. Logos also make it into the brochure with the use of three graphs clearly identifying America’s poor performance. The combination of the modes of persuasion and the other aspects taken into account contributes to an effective brochure.

To create a the full effect intended by this brochure, all of the problems must be ironed out. The first is how to grab the audience’s attention immediately upon looking at the brochure. This was overcome by using a well-known photograph of Uncle Sam, again appealing to ethos, with the caption “I want you to save America.” Next the attention must be maintained with a gripping and...
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