Youth Beyond Blue Pamphlet

Topics: Light Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: June 19, 2011
This pamphlet links to global village as this pamphlet is instant communication to get help on an; info line and a website to continue a further look into Youth beyond Blues website. This pamphlet contrasts the negatives of what is happening to a person being cyber bullied, and the positives of how to get further help on this matter. An image of a girl centred at the top of the page of the pamphlet in the dark looking over her shoulder as if someone was watching. A laptop Opened in front of the girl. The dark lighting on the girl. The facial expressions showing almost fear as if someone was behind her. The clock resembling that the time is 12 at night, this time is private time where you should be able to relax except she is in fear. The picture therefore showing the effect that cyber bulling has upon this young girl. The Use of graphics are bold and engage your eyes to read the sub heading to continuing on the read as they are dot points; easy to understand and easy to read. The colours on the page, layout of the pamphlet are all reflecting bright happy colours, bright yellow borders. The icons with the key words and directions to “Look, Talk, Listen, and Seek Help” are all positives verbs on the steps of overcoming being bullied, and these icons are also bright colours. The negative image on the back of the pamphlet showing technology being used in a negative way with a boy sitting alone on a dirty brick ground with dark lighting, dark clothing, hood over his head ( not wanting to be seen) listening to his iPod showing he does not want to be disturbed. Contrasting with the bright Yellow border on the bottom of the pamphlet showing the youth beyond blue icon which is a butterfly. The butterfly is showing it is a symbol of hope and you can “come through your times” giving you contact details of a information line and a website you can visit for more information, now using technology in a positive way rather than in a negative way. Youth Beyond blue explores...
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