Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Cyber-bullying Pages: 6 (1626 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Thesis Statement
The effects of cyber bullying are shame, discrimination, unwanted that may lead a person to commit suicide.

I - Introduction;
A. Define Cyber Bullying
B. Brief History of Cyber Bullying
II – Forms of Cyber Bullying
A. Flaming
B. Harassment
C. Denigration
D. Impersonation
E. Outing
F. Trickery
G. Exclusion
H. Cyber Stalking
I. Cyber Treats
III – Effects of Cyber Bullying
IV – Solution of Cyber Bullying How To Prevent It
A. Know that is not your fault
B. Don’t respond or retaliate
C. Save the evidence
D. Tell the person to stop
E. Reach out for help
F. Use available tech tools
G. Protect your account
V – Differences in Bullying
A. Males
B. Females

Kids today are online more than ever. They use the internet not only to research material for school, but to socialize friends and family members. When young person use the internet to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target other person, which is called cyberbullying preteen and teens. If any adult is involved, it consider cyber harassment. The effect of it may lead the person to commit a suicide

Cyber bullying is bullying that takes places using electronic technology (Willard, 2006). Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers and tablets as well as communication tools includes social media sites, text messages, chat, websites to harass threaten or intimidate someone. Cyberbullying is often done by children who have increasingly access to these technologies. The problem is compounded by the fact that a bully can be hiding behind disguising she/her identity.

Bullying obviously didn't start's on the internet. However, it has become a huge problems with every new technological innovation. User names and a computer screen may makes some users feel invincible and its hard to relay emotion through internet conversation cyberbullies are known for sending harmful and hurtful messages along with extreme cases of lies. Most of these bullies just want the victim to suffer usually cyber bullies not interact his way with a victim, many bullies have no idea

Forms of cyberbullying go beyond name calling and enter a world of impersonation and cyber threats. According to Willard (2006), there are nine main forms of cyberbullying: flaming, harassment, denigration, impersonation, outing, trickery, exclusion, and cyber stalking and cyber threats. Flaming is online fights using electronic messages with angry and vulgar language. Harassment is another form in which the cyberbully repeatedly sends insulting messages via the Internet. Denigration is "dissing" someone online which can include sending or posting gossip or rumours about a person that could damage their reputation or friendships. Impersonation is pretending to be someone else in order to get that person in trouble with other people or to damage their reputation and friendships. Outing is sharing someone's secrets, embarrassing information, or photos online without his/her permission. Trickery is similar to outing, in which the cyberbully will trick the victim to reveal secrets or embarrassing information and then share it with others online. Exclusion is intentionally excluding someone from an online group. Cyber stalking is repeated, intense harassment and denigration that includes threats or creates a significant amount of fear in the victim. Lastly, cyber threats are defined as either threats or "distressing material," general statements that make it sound like the writer is emotionally upset and may be considering harming someone else, themselves, or committing suicide (Willard, 2006). The effects of cyber bullying may not be noticeable at first, but the stress factor builds up over time. According to Dueck (2006), many students experiencing cyber bullying feel alone and scared. In most instances, cyber bullying doesn’t start online, but in person. The situation then escalates. Some of the signs of cyber bullying could be: Not...
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