The onion Rhetorical

Topics: Irony, The Reader, Marketing Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: December 17, 2013
With the use of criticism, this press release is used to satirize how advertisement is degrading to Americans, and to mock the ordeal methods used by marketers to sell products to consumers as absurd. By using obvious fictional fads, and somewhat surprisingly effective persuasive writing skills, this article is humorous and completely irrelevant. However with the correct use of persuasive writing techniques, mixed with irrelevant, and unrealistic factual information the authors create a humorous satirical scene.

The mocking starts right away in the first paragraph of the piece. The first sentence “stressed and sore-footed Americans everywhere” starts off the first part of hyperbole with the word “Everywhere” indicating that they are exaggerating how many American’s have sore feet for not EVERY American has a sore foot. It provides the reader a sense of exaggeration in the piece. In attempt to establish the need the authors use “Americans everywhere are clamoring for the exciting new MagnaSoles..” This provides the audience with the fact Americans are too caught up with having the new latest item. Next the author uses the diction choices “stimulate” and “soothe” to describe the action the magnaSoles will have on the wearer’s feet. This gives an irrelevant outcome for the words stimulate and soothe are not related at all and have different definitions. Towards the end of the paragraph the authors use unrealistic diction choices and sarcasm to make their claim. The word “Pseudoscience” is used to describe the type of “5 forms” of science used to make the MagnaSoles. The authors use the word “pseudoscience” for the word “Pseudo” means fake, allowing the reader to see that they are talking about fake science. They do this in hopes to have the readers think on the advertisements they watch and how much of the information on those advertisements are accurate and true. The authors used “which stimulate an soothe the wearers feet using no fewer than five...
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