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Role of visuals
Visual Aids are an essential feature of effective communication. Why? Let us answer the question with an example:

Figure 78
Figure 7 is a visual aid that explains, in nutshell, some facts about the contributions each of the senses make towards helping people learn. An alternative to this visual would have been to present the information in a narrative form. This would require learners to read or listen to a text carefully, assimilate the facts and develop a mental image of them to enable the facts to be remembered.

Which is the easier way for learners to learn? As suggested by Figure 7, it would appear that making use of the sense of sight through visual presentation makes learning easier, as it provides:
8 Adapted from the Readings on Direct Trainer's Skills Course of the Department of Personnel & Training [Training Division], Government of India.





An appeal to a variety of senses
✦ A focus of attention

A change of pace

A simplified explanation to help understanding

A more vivid and lasting impression

A consolidation of learning

Reference material for later use

Help in relating or transferring learning to the real situation

Barriers to effective visual communication
Although visual aids help communication, there is also evidence to show that they can create barriers to effective communication. Usually we create these barriers when we give insufficient thought to the planning and use of the visual aids for promoting better communication and more effective learning.

How can we create visual aids that promote communication rather than impede it? The following points outline some important factors to be kept in mind. Decide what we require of the visual aid
Aids should be used as an important and integral part of the learning process. They should be used to create interest; to help learners understand the information being...
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