Important Design Concepts

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4 Important Design Concepts
If you pay attention to these four concepts as you put the visuals together, the end products will be effective. 1) Make it BIG!
Naturally, you'd like everyone in the audience to be able to actually see the visual you plan to use. This is complicated by not always knowing the size of the audience you'll speak to, or the size of the room you'll use. As a rule of thumb, if it looks right on the computer screen, it's probably too small. If it looks big, it's still too small. Aim for outrageously large. Here are a few hints on estimating appropriate sizes during the design phase . . . That, by the way is another good reason to plan ahead. If the visuals are done before you actually need them, you can try them out for size and re-do them if necessary. Make it BIG

2) Keep it Simple
The visuals you use should introduce only the essential elements of concepts you'll discuss. The audience ought be able to get the point of the visual within the first 5 seconds after it appears. During that short period, don't say anything - allow the audience to absorb the information. Then, when you have their undivided attention, expand upon what the slide has to say. For this approach to be effective, you'll have to include only the most pertinent information in each visual. You should limit the text contained on each visual and restrict the contents of tables or graphs to include only the information most pertinent to your topic. A common pitfall, particularly for those new to the possibilities of computer graphics, is creating artistic rather than useful visuals.

3) Make it Clear
If the information in the visual isn't easy to see or read, the audience will be trying to figure it out instead of listening to what you have to say. That's the first step towards losing the attention of an audience or confusing them. Bad move . . . Here are a few hints to help make the information contained on a visual more accessible to the audience. You should...
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