Topics: Violence, Violent crime, Crime Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: February 16, 2014
Recent figures show an increase in violent crime among youngsters under the age of 18. Some psychologists claim that the basic reason for this is that children these days are not getting the social and emotional learning they need from parents and teachers.(Children today play very violent games. This must be the reason for the increase in violence and crime in most major cities of the world)

Recent years have seen huge trends towards adolescence violence in both developing and developed countries. However the issue of whether or not parents and teachers are responsible for has still sparked a heated debate. Some people claim that not addressing psychological and spiritual aspects of human beings in fostering children is a fundamentally detrimental influence on Childs' growth; while many others content that the disastrous effect of new technology should not be ignored.

A convincing argument can be made about parents and teachers role children violence not only spending insufficient time to develop different aspects of their children as human, but also paying usually more attention to physical aspects not spiritual ones. Having a cold in a teenager, for instance, would be taken into more consideration than getting angry or not interacting with other family members. It can also be argued that, focusing on movement from Pedagogy to Andragogy has been mostly remained in theoretical textbooks. In the real environment, students are not often asked to express their feelings, attitudes and beliefs about life, humanities, themselves, and about others. In fact, the concern is not with getting acquainted with applicable knowledge to an inspiring tomorrow; the concern is mostly with transmitting information

On the other hand, those who agree that, new technology has different disadvantages, have their sound reasons. To begin with, they claim that producing movies, DVD, and games full of war, crime, and violence have been contributed to the overwhelming situation....
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