An Increase in Crime

Topics: Good and evil, Want, Mind Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: August 28, 2013
In many countries, an increase in crime has been blamed on violent images on television and in computer and video games. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Nowadays, society exquisitely depends on science and technology. The products of technology are very familiar with us. The most popular products are televisions and computers. They seem to be a part of our life. They have two sides like everything. Today, I give my view about both side of them. My essay mentions an increase in crime which has blamed on violent images on television and in computer and video games. “Watch your thought they become words, watch your words they become actions, watch your actions they become habit, watch your habits they become character, watch your character they become your destiny” Lao Tzu said that. In the daily life, the little mistakes seem not important but they may lead to bad results. The aggressive images in films and games seem simple and don’t affect our lives so much. Day by day, our brain get used to violent images, then we have trend of thoughts that those things are simple, for example people like to hear the voice of scream, so they want to see the pain of the other people. In fact, a 15-years-old boy was killed by seven others 15-years-old boys in the same age because they copied the action on film. On the other hand, playing game online makes people live a virtual life. In a long time, they will imagine that the virtual life is real and they will spend everything they have to it. In virtual world they can kill every one they want and they want to do that in the real life. They lost their mind about humanity. Besides, the growing up crime is derive from others causes, such as lack of interest from family or bad affection from social. Violent images on television and in computer and video games is one of main reasons but they are not all. In my opinion, shows or films on television and violent games should limit the ages of viewer. The...
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