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The DiCarlo Escalation

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder

The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it's use for maximum effect. It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing no significant jumps that may cause a woman to object. At the same time, the DEL contains no extraneous steps which are non-essential to the seduction process. This results in a FAST escalation sequence which is compatible with a variety of verbal structures, and has been field tested and perfected by myself, Vincent DiCarlo, in hundreds of trials.

Without further marketing, hype or other bullshit, I present... the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder! 1. Eye Contact and Initial Conversation
Eye contact is the first step. It's use shows social awareness and always improves your chances of starting a conversation. Start your conversational game shortly after eye contact. 2. Incidental Class 1

The first class of incidental kino involves the arms and hands. Shaking hands, tapping people on the shoulder and brushing arms are all very common things that we do on a daily basis. Done in an incidental manner, i.e. occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation, it is extremely effective at building initial comfort.


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DiCarlo Escalation Ladder

Incidental Class 1 Examples:

Hand shaking
Arm brushing
Light touching on her arm to emphasize your points
Anchoring her arm near elbow to hold her close as you talk
Standing next to her with your arm touching hers
High Fives
Palm Reading

3. Overt Class 1
There is an unmistakable recurring pattern throughout the DEL: incidental kino, followed by overt kino. Overt means open to view or knowledge; not concealed or secret. While incidental kino is usually done in a context which masks your intention, overt kino is not. The incidental kino which precedes it creates the familiarity necessary for the overt kino to be accepted. Overt Class 1 Examples:

Holding hands
Arm in arm escorting


© 2007 Vin DiCarlo Inc.

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder

4. Incidental Class 2
Class 2 kino involves any contact which takes place on her torso or legs. This is slightly more intimate than class 1, but does not include erogenous zones such as her breasts, crotch or inner thighs. Those areas are not paid any direct attention until the escalation ramp - to be defined later. Incidental Class 2 Examples:

• Standing very close with your legs touching hers
• Sitting close together with your legs touching hers
• Lightly and incidentally brushing her abdomen with your hands

while talking
• Briefly touching her back with your palm while speaking as if you are pulling her in to hear you better
5. Overt Class 2
Overt class 2 kino is usually done while sitting down. It's not necessary, but definitely a smart place to make the transition to sitting down. This class of kino should be done in a protective, almost romantic manner. Overt Class 2 Examples:

Frontal Hugging (done best as a positive reaction to her compliance) Escorting her through the bar with your hand on her lower back Sitting next to her and placing her leg over yours
Holding her abdomen on the side while sitting down and talking Placing her hand on your thigh


© 2007 Vin DiCarlo Inc.

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder

6. Incidental Class 3
Her hair, face and neck are the regions included in class 3. Many guys make the common mistake of touching these areas too soon, with a girl they first met.
Girls are surprisingly protective of their hair, face and neck placing these relatively high on the ladder. Another common mistake is that more experienced guys will generally skip this step altogether, only to face last minute resistance later on.

Incidental Class 3 Examples:
• Brushing (or pretending to brush) something off of her face • Talking very closely with your...
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