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What hell is a Nintendo?
I got my first video game console in the summer of
1991. My parents purchased it from SEARS for my birthday
and at which point I had no idea what it was. A couple of
the kids and their parents knew that it was and were
shocked that my parents spend $100 dollars on something
like that.
It was still in the box until one afternoon I came
home from school. I set it up in the living room, only room
with a television. Popped in Super Mario Bros, this simple
8-bit game would change the entertainment industry.
I did not become a fanboy until I attend Florida A&M.
Besides my classes and football schedule, I usually spend
my free time in my apartment. One of my friends back home
told me about Microsoft’s Xbox gave gamers the ability to
play against each other and they did not need to be in the
same living room.
Walked into a Game Stop and walked out with my first
console since the Nintendo my parents got me so many
birthdays ago. Once at my apartment, plugged everything in
and started playing. Completely different from what I
remember when I was eight years ago. Xbox became my gateway
drugs, from hours of study, from the beating my body would
take from football and boredom.

History of Sony's gaming console
Before Sony entered into the gaming industry they
establish Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) in mid-November
of 1993. SCE main purpose was to handle production, R&D
(research and development) and the sale of both hardware
and software for their video game consoles.


introduction took place a year before Sony launched their
first video game console, Playstation.
Playstation shipped to Japan first, in December of 94
and it was not until September 1995 when it shipped to the
rest of the world. Playstation joined Nintendo 64 and Sega
Saturn as the fifth generation of gaming consoles.
Playstation sold for over nine years and sold over 100
million units worldwide, 2004 was the last year that Sony
produced a Playstation.
In 2000, SCE launched their second console,
Playstation 2 (PS2). A decade later PS2 would be most
popular console even well into the seventh generation
console like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

At their initial

launch, PS2 only competition was Sega’s Dreamcast, which
made $97 million on its release date. SCE closed the gap
quick with PS2, which made $250 million on launch day.
What helped a lot with the PS2 success was the
console’s backward compatibility, gave gamers to play a lot

of their favorite Playstation on their new PS2 and it was
equipped with a DVD-player. With this feature, it helped
expand SCE audience beyond their target audience, from the
everyday gamers to someone wanting to upgrade their home
entertainment system.
With PS2 initial success and continue success, Sega’s
Dreamcast had no room to grow and finally discontinuation
in March of 2001. PS2 remaining the only console on the
market for six months until the announcement of Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox. By this time, PS2 had huge
advantage over the two, so to complete with both systems
SCE marked down their prices by $100.
Towards the end of 2006, Playstation 3 (PS3) hit store
shelves for the holiday season. This was the only console
on the market that used a Blu-ray disc drive to run their
software (games). With the launched of PS3, SCE introduced
an answer to Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service,
Playstation Network (PSN) and it was free everyone. This
system was also backward compatible with pervious
Playstation games.
SCE developed PSN to help Playstation gain ground with
online gaming and downloadable content (DLC). What I liked
about PSN was that it allowed it’s user to download the
full game and gave the gamer a trail period of 60 minutes.

This was a lot better than go out and spending $60 dollars
on a game that would eventually turn into a paperweight.
Last year SCE introduced their fourth installation of...

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