Cell Phones

Topics: Cancer, Brain tumor, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Kyle Young
Mr. Catanzareti
Fundamental of Writing
23 January 2013

Why are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Why are cell phones dangerous? Cell phones are what people use in their everyday lives throughout the 21st century. Cell phones have been around since the 1980’s. Cell phones are being used from young kids to elderly adults. All around the world there are cell phones .

There has have been many researches and court cases on how cell phones are dangerous and what kind of damage it they can do to people. There was a case on a man who blamed cell phones in the hospital that had died from a brain tumor. That person blamed the death of their family member on cell phones because the cell phone was right beside where the brain tumor was. Scientists were investigating on how can the cell phone can cause brain tumors and other serious diseases. Some scientists say that cell phones are giving off radiation when talking on the phone. Cell phones are like microwaves because the cell phone’s using radiation to send and receive the text messages and calls. Many people press the cell phone up against their ear so they can hear the person they are talking to. Cell Phones phones do produce a lot of heat and it produces microwaves, which it uses radiation just like the microwave that people use to cook food. Cell Phones phones are also dangerous to use when driving down the highway because the cell phones can still receive messages and calls. Cell Phone phone radiation was studied by different scientists on how it caused brain cancer on many patients. Students use the cell phones to cheat on tests and quizzes. It significantly affects the change of education standards to the students who have cell phones because it’s easier for the students to find the correct answer on the internet.

Cell phones are the most convenient devices that people can use when there are emergencies or when not at home. Cell phones are good because it they can be used at any point in time at...
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