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Video Gaming

By shadow7311 Oct 27, 2008 292 Words
Video Gaming: Harmless Hobby or Health Hazard?

1. The basic subject of this column is the idea that playing video games can have negative effects on your health and can cause violent behavior.

2. The information/facts that the writer gives are as follows: •Research shows that exposure to violent video games can be linked to acts of violence. •Reports to the AMA have labeled heavy gaming as an addiction. •Violence is a staple of the entertainment industry.

3. I think that the writer believes that video games are causing violence in our society.

4. The writer does not state his opinion directly. However, his opinion is portrayed through quotes from the bible that he has in his article.

5. To support his opinion, the writer uses examples of research and quotes from the bible. For an example: “The link between video game exposure and aggressive behavior is much stronger than the evidence that exposure to passive smoking at work is causative of lung cancer.” Also, “Forge a chain! For the land is full of bloody crimes and the city is full of violence (Ezekiel 7:23).”

6. From this article, I learned that the writer is most likely Christian and he believes that violent video games cause acts of violence.

7. This article was most likely written for the type of reader that is skeptical of modern society.

8. No, I do not believe that the writer provides enough evidence to agree with him, because all of his sources simply suggest his ideas, rather than proving them. Also, the bible seems completely irrelevant to the topic in the article.

Lloyd, David. “Video Gaming: Harmless Hobby or Health Hazard?” Vision. (25 July 2007).

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