Victoria Secret Marketing

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Pages: 8 (2485 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Executive Summary.
Victoria Secret was formed in 1977 which is considered the fashionable brand has changed the American conception of lingerie and swimsuit. Victoria Secret is preparing to launch a new swimsuit store in Vietnam market in this summer. When surveying the market, Victoria Secret says that they really want to attack women who do not pay attention on their wearing style. After achieving real achievements with the introduction of sexy become an icon, a growing trend of Victoria’s Secret during next time is they will change the image of female beauty. Not simply swimsuits, the way out of the Victoria’s Secret design also feel completely different than the common model swimwear. Specially, products of Victoria Secret swimsuit will be designed in order to comfortable to stature of Asian women. It not only increases attractiveness, self-confidence to wearer, it also keeps the traditional style of Vietnamese women. In fact, swimsuits of Victoria Secret is considered one of the fashionable brand which has an affordable price. Victoria Secret has contributed significantly to disrupt hesitance in presenting female swimsuit in the clothing store, instead of the open condition and luxury. Swimsuit officially became a high fashion which displays at the most expensive and luxurious stores. The primary marketing objective is to achieve first-year Vietnam sales of 1600000 units. The primary objectives are to achieve first-year sale revenues of $16 million in the Vietnam market, keep first-year losses to less than $2 million, and break even early in the second year. Market Description.

Victoria’s secret launched many products such as underwear, swimsuit, cosmetics, perfume and clothing. Swimsuit becomes of the most important products in summer. We should display an aggressive attitude toward promoting for this product line not only because this is the first time we have enter to Vietnam market but also this time, tourist reason, is the pretty momment for lauching swimsuit. Summer is the time for sunshine, time for Victoria’s secret Vietnam. Vietnam market is large enough to become a pretty market for many fashion brand. Vietnam’s population is about 87.84 million people in 2011. Population of Vietnam includes 50.5% female who is the target customer of Victoria’s secret. Moreover, Vietnam is young population now. It means that people spend a lot of money for fashion products. And the evidence is that many famous brand, such as Gucci, Zara, Levi’s, Diesel, Geox, Kappa… enter to Vietnam market. All of this factors can encourage us to enter Vietnam market. In Vietnam market, the target customer of Victoria’s secret swimsuit should be young lady who want to be style, beautiful, charm and attractive. Vietnam market should be devides into 2 categories: women from 20-27 and women from 28-40. Women who are from 20 to 27 years old are still young. They are beautiful, charm, and attractive body that they want to show off. They also want to display their own style and willing to pay a lot of money for what they really like and have special experiences with new brand. This category need swimsuit that makes them more attractive and show off the charm of their young beauty. Victoria’s secret should lauch product line that helps to make them more sexy. The color of product is also important when designing for the young. The bright color is suitable for sunshine in the beach and also makes young lady more special in the crowd. The second target customer is women whose age is from 28 to 40. Normally, at this age, they have position in their work and society. Success gives them opportunities to beauty with luxury goods and services. In term of psychological, they want to become young lady one more time when they were 20 and walked through the beach. And commonly, Vietnamese women got married and also have children when they were 28. Their body has changed over time. Victoria should design a product that...
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