Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy
Target Market
When Quiksilver announced the start of its women line Roxy in 1990, they defined the brand as a “fun, bold, athletic, daring and classy” brand for young women. Market segmentation is a crucial marketing strategy and Roxy utilizes the four bases that are commonly used for segmenting consumer markets including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and benefits sought segmentation. The geographic segmentation is ideally unlimited for the Roxy target market because the brand offers clothes for both warm and cold weather, however, it focuses mainly on the “beach lifestyle” and is generally more popular in beach towns. The demographic segmentation of the Roxy brand, is aimed to attract young women between the ages of 13-23. However, Roxy has added additional lines including the Roxy Girl line which is aimed to women between the ages of 7-16 and the Teenie Wahine line, for girls under the age of 7. This large age range has caused Roxy to become a brand appealing to girls everywhere, including those who don’t surf or snowboard, and has a mass-market appeal that doesn’t lose its core audience of women that lead active lives. This leads into the psychographic segmentation, Roxy is a brand that appeals to girls who are fearless, active and fashion conscious. Lastly, the benefit segmentation of Roxy groups the customers into market segments according to the benefits they seek from the product; these segments can be broken down into three groups: those who surf and live in warm weather, those who ski or snowboard and live in cold weather, and lastly those who look to Roxy for everyday fashion. From this, it can be seen that Roxy utilizes a concentrated targeting strategy, a strategy used to select one segment of a market for targeting marketing efforts. Within the larger surfing and activewear market is Roxy’s target market, the customers of specialty stores that are willing to pay more for quality products and is distinguished as a family store that attracts young teens and their parents. Many specialty brands focus on one action sport and fail to maintain loyal customers year round, however, Roxy addresses the lifestyle needs of anyone from surfing to snowboarding and includes casual and fashionable clothing for when they are not participating in their active lifestyle. In order to better serve their target market, Roxy has developed a ‘Style Squad’, a group of around 900 girls nationwide between the ages of 13 and 23, that are handpicked in stores across the country. These girls receive a welcome pack with the latest clothing designs, free access to new items and receive discounts in store. Roxy’s online community -christened the Roxy Style Squad- has over 900 girls ranging anywhere from 13 to 23 years old. Each girl was handpicked from retail stores across North America. To entice the girls to join the Style Squad, Roxy offered the girls the exclusive privilege of providing direct feedback on new clothing as well as the added incentive of getting special discounts on Roxy products. Every girl who joined the panel also received a welcome package that included the latest clothing designs. The benefits of the Roxy Style Squad online panel include responses to surveys and deep and engaging conversations with their target audience about the brand and its products. There are over 300 active members churning out comments, feedback and their own insights and ideas at a constant rate that help Roxy with marketing efforts. Overall, the Roxy’s online panel has not only assisted in providing a deeper characterization of girls who enjoy the Roxy brand, but has acted a welcoming portal for developing and maintaining life-long, repeat buyers.

Company Products
Roxy positions its products as high-quality, cutting-edge and fashionable and offer an implied warranty. The implied warranty is Roxy’s unwritten guarantee that the products they offer are fit for the purpose in which it was sold for and will be of...
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