Swot, Organisation Strategies of Sportsgirl

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen! First and foremost we wish to welcome you into the auditorium of modern fashion. For those of you, who may not know me, my name is XXXX , the national supervisor for Sportsgirl, and to my left is my partner Mr XXXX. We have gathered here today to present to you a SWOT analysis, organizational strategies, and the vision and mission statement of Sports girl.

We live in the generation of fashion and technology. Our wants fashionably override our needs in life. The Australian fashion industry has come to expect a huge splash from Sportsgirl at the Melbourne L’Oreal Fashion Festival, and 2005 set a new benchmark. Ideally, the business will come to the customer by promoting their brand through the launches of the Exclusives for Sportsgirl range, offering the latest in the hottest trends and must-have looks in to-die-for limited edition pieces released each month. Sportsgirl was founded in the year of 1948 in Melbourne. Sportsgirl has emerged as a leader in the Australian fashion industry by successfully developing a brand image and a store identity that moved fashion retail away from the concept of established department stores to the concept of the lifestyle fashion boutique. This has been reflected in much of their marketing compaigns by advertising “real, everyday” women weraing their clothing rather than models. Sportsgirl has used interior design, visual merchandising, graphic design, and advertising to build it's fashion brand into one that appealed to the emerging youth market

The clothes imported in Australian Sportsgirl outlets are designed by foreigners; however, Sportsgirl has created a large and detrimental fashion line from young and creative fashion designers with fresh ideas. On top this; Sportsgirl has designed a range advertising to be heavily printed throughout the world. This advertising helps to display the merchandising creativity of Sportsgirl’s identity, which has linked its clothing lines to a set of lifestyle values and accessories.

From the very beginning Sportsgirl’s mission statement is:

“Specializing in providing the latest fashion trends from overseas. It offers younger women a livelier option than its more conservative sibling label Sports craft.” Theoretically this also is considered to be part of their company vision.

The strengths in which Sportsgril possesses are;

It Is a easily recognizable store
Wide known brand
Aimed at young to middle age women (those who spend the most money on fashion) •Offer a wide range of products (shoes, bags, belts, clothing, accessories etc.) •Good quality
Excellent locations (in big shopping centers and town centers etc) •Big reputation
Advertised in women’s and girl magazines
They also have a charity organization running
oIn 2006, Sportsgirl staff from across the country nominated negative body image and eating disorders as the issue that is most important to them and their friends. oSportsgirl is proud to announce a partnership with non profit organisation, The Butterfly Foundation, to promote and address prevention and early intervention of eating disorders and issues related to body image. •Sportsgirl continues the cool new connection campaign, featuring girls from the street, rather than models, in all creative, in a mix of transit, outdoor and magazine advertising. •Stores are opened in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Expansion continues despite difficult retailing conditions. Labels Sportscraft, Sportsgirl and David Lawrence are split into separate stores, and new store fit-outs are implemented across Australia. •Sportsgirl uses special events, in-store parades and promotions to pump excitement into fashion. •Sportsgirl advertising campaigns and its own in-store magazines combine attention grabbing photography with memorable slogans and lifestyle concepts •Sportsgirl adopts the developing methods of mass marketing. It capitalises on the power of linking...
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