Venture Screening

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Venture Screening


June 3, 2012

My business idea is to have light weight compact exercising equipment that can be move from place to place without taking up too much space or being to heavy to carry.My venture will be to promote good and healthy habits that will include a daily work out with a multi- purpose unit. This unit will be sold in the United States and abroad it will have a reasonable price of fifty dollars per unit it will be advertised on infomercials and online (Barringer, Ireland2006). The essential components are the needs of the customer, pricing, and value creation proposition, marketing niche and product mix. If the consumer feels that this machine meets, their needs as far as being easy to carry, store and is very convent for a quick work out;out side of a gym then this venture will be a success. When you start a venture, you have to invest lots of money into it so that you can get your venture off the ground. When you keep your over head low, your product is reasonable and people are aware of your product then your cost out of pocket to start will be returned to you in a short period of time. You will do more than just break even you will start to see profits this will give you an option to afford to maybe invest in a new venture this could be call a venture screening (Davison 2006). A screening of the new venture will identify potential markets abroad competitive advantages are low fixed costs, control over costs and location .An opportunity has been screened for exporting of compact exercising equipment to other countries the venture is promising. New business processes along with new technology will provide exercising equipment to people in many places abroad. The value of each consignment is about one thousand American dollars plus credit cards payments. All orders will be delivered within seven days of placing order and the retailers will have a grace period with the credit card company. To penetrate the...
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