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Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Porter generic strategies Pages: 2 (1388 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Les Mills’ organization has been out for years and throughout the days as they keep improving themselves; they are one of the most successful fitness-related companies around the world. The organizations are very diverse and associated with many different parts in marketing such as sales, fitness programs, finance, and marketing. Les Mills’ original goal to start the whole business is to improve the lives in New Zealand. As the following passages will describe the Strategic Management process, what should the next strategic moves be and what are the Les Mills’ competitive advantages and how would the company establish them. According to analysis, the political, economic, social, technological and ecological/environmental (PESTE) are the factors that would affect customers, suppliers and competitors to change in their business performance (Environmental analysis (or PEST)—an element of your startup’s strategic plan, 2013). ‘Political’ may affect the performances through tax rate and trade rule. If the government wants people to exercise more, it can support that idea by cutting taxes to exercise facilities would highly benefit businesses like Les Mills to get more customers (Les Mills, 2009). Also other government policies made, can affect Les Mills positively and, or negatively. The ‘economic’ effect is when the economy is good people gets more income to do other things like going to the gym, exercise classes or even buying more health products. The ‘social’ aspect may also affected by the economic aspect since the economy is good people have more income and choices, to go to gyms like Les Mills; but also the benefit of such a highly facilitated gym will have more happy people going to. Social media penetration will create further penetration in the social aspect. ‘Technology’ is becoming more and more important; people now start to look at the quality of the gym by the equipment on-hand, the quality customer service or even the new product. If the company...
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