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27324 Strategic Management in Leisure, Sport and Tourism Organisations Course area Delivery Result type UTS: Business Autumn 2013; Kuring-gai Grade and marks

Credit points 6cp

Subject coordinator
Dr Katie Schlenker Ph: 9514 5303 Fax: 9514 5195 Email: TUTORS Ashlee Morgan Email: Barbara Almond Email: LECTURE: Thursday 10:00 – 12:00; KG02.04.16 TUTORIALS: Thursday 12:00 – 13:00; KG02.04.64 – Ashlee Morgan (Tut 01) Thursday 12:00 – 13:00; KG02.04.63 – Barbara Almond (Tut 02) Thursday 13:00 – 14:00; KG02.04.64 – Ashlee Morgan (Tut 03) Thursday 13:00 – 14:00; KG02.04.63 – Barbara Almond (Tut 04) Thursday 14:00 – 15:00; KG02.04.64 – Ashlee Morgan (Tut 05)

Subject description
This subject brings together knowledge gained by students from both generic business and disciplinary subjects via applications to the strategic management of leisure, sport and tourism organisations. It exposes students to strategic management planning tools and processes used in leisure and tourism industry organisations that result in desired outcomes for these organisations. Students are provided with the knowledge and skills to be comfortable with and apply strategic financial and human resource management techniques.

25/02/2013 (Autumn 2013)

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Subject objectives
On successful completion of this subject students should be able to: 1. review the need for, and the frameworks used in, strategic planning and its terms and concepts in tourism, sport and leisure industry firms and organisations promoting tourist destinations 2. apply strategic management principles and concepts to sport, tourism or leisure industry firms by construction of a strategic plan and consequent operational and capital budget 3. analyse strategic approaches to developing and maintaining service quality in leisure, sport and tourism services 4. examine ethical, environmental, stakeholder and technological issues impacting on the strategic management of leisure, sport and tourism organisations.

Contribution to course aims and graduate attributes
This subject applies management knowledge and skills to leisure, sport and tourism industry organisations. The aim is to provide students with an understanding of strategic planning processes and frameworks in the management of leisure and tourism organisations. The subject presents students with the opportunity to explore the broad view of current management strategies of large leisure, sport and tourism organisations. At the micro-level it provides students with the skills to effectively allocate scarce resources amongst alternative products, markets and/or tourism destinations.

Teaching and learning strategies
Teaching and learning strategies will include: lectures based on case studies that explore these issues in small to medium leisure, sport and tourism (LST) enterprises; and online tutorial discussion and student presentations of these case studies. Library, internet-based and industry-based research by students will be used to complement material presented in the lectures and case studies. Content for this subject will be supported by a synchronised computer mediated communication activities on UTSOnline.

• Financial management strategies • Human resource strategies • Management strategy selection • Ethical issues in strategic management • Conflict resolution

25/02/2013 (Autumn 2013)

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Week/Session 1 Dates 28 Feb Description Subject introduction and overview of the strategic management process Readings: Text Ch 1 Please note there are no tutorials in Week 1


7 Mar

Strategic purpose and the role of corporate governance Readings: Text Ch 4


14 Mar

Analysing the external environment Reading: Text Ch 2


21 Mar

Evaluating an organisation's strategic...

Links: 25/02/2013 (Autumn 2013)
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25/02/2013 (Autumn 2013)
© University of Technology, Sydney
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