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ABCD, the technical symposium, held true to its tagline- The best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be. A throng of students from various colleges flocking the campus. The able coordinators led them through registration and to the paper presentation event which kicked off the day long extravaganza. The quizzing event had numerous students attending the preliminary event but only a few reached the final. The final was a nail-biting experience with cut-throat competition and a tie break win. Being from the computer science department, the students proved their mettle in the code debugging event, which was lauded by all the participants as an out of the ordinary approach to the competition. Mobile app development and digital art gave an opportunity for non-programmers. We also had non-technical events like Dumb charades and Adzap where students channelled their inner actor. Shipwreck and JAM events attracted many. The greatest hit however was full toss, an indoor version of cricket, the surprise event of the day. The success that we saw was not without reason. So, it would only be befitting to mention the long but rewarding journey behind it. The planning started out small, with the class representatives drawing up the budgets. Soon, all the students were pitching in with the organization of Kranti. Procuring sponsorship for the event was a revelation of sorts. We learnt a hard lesson that every rupee has to be earned and nothing comes free. Despite the scoffs, refusals, doors shut on our faces, we managed to get a whooping amount of two lakhs. The event brought out a whole new creative side of the students hidden behind a façade` of technical expertise. The walls were laced with authentic Indian art like warli and madhubani paintings. The boys erected a look-alike model of the Vivekananda memorial- a fitting centrepiece. The official website of abcd was built from scratch by our in-house technocrats. The state of the...
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