New York Fashion Week: Audience Analysis

Topics: Fashion, Design, Milan Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: November 28, 2008
Audience Analysis
This encomium, praising New York Fashion Week is one of the most well known events in the fashion industry. I have chosen fashion week to show my audience of inspiring designers as well as many opinionated “Vogue” readers and everyday people who crave high end fashion. It will show the dedication and hard work a designer much out forth in order to make not just a simple outfit but a mesmerizing and breathe taking design. An inspiring designer should be serious about their work and the industry, ones design can and will go along way when recognized. They will acknowledge the designer in his/her masterpiece and hope to soon have that fame and wealth. I ponder that the audience will admire the success of many unique designs and also fashion week. The audience will look up to the designs knowing that the days weeks, months and maybe years that go by, that one day those will be their designs and creations on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week.

Rachael Costa
Mrs. Gray
Writing for College
15 September 2008
New York Fashion Week
Fashion week has come along way The fashion industry has certainly come of age. The organizers are better equipped at handling things. Everyone wanted to have a glimpse of the best bodies in the business. Of course, a majority of these people don't understand one bit about fashion. Every designer has his way of dressing up people

It's said that the fashion industry comprises designers who are rich, bored housewives who have nothing else to do. They are on the lookout for their 30 minutes of fame, and after that, they disappear without a trace.

The event was not just about great models, designer clothes and fashion stores. Thanks to Devika Bhojwani from Mumbai, the event saw the breast cancer awareness campaign gaining momentum. T-shirts asking people to 'Think Pink' were sold and the proceeds went as charity. A seminar on AIDS awareness also received an overwhelming response. It's...
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