values in Style

Topics: Cosmetics, Dress, Morality Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: May 19, 2014
Values in Style
One’s beliefs and values do not only influence their views on life, but it has the power to impact nearly every decision we make. Our beliefs guide us in life by helping us to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. It is the foundation of our identity. The way we carry ourselves and the impression left behind all stem from the values we cherish. Even when meeting someone for the first time, we start looking for those small details which expose our true character. It starts with analyzing each other’s clothing, hair, shoes, make-up, accessories, and even scent, before ever getting to know them. We begin to formulate an idea of who they are. It is a natural instinct to make notions about strangers because the level of trust is not yet established. Why do you think first impressions are so important? How many times are your assumptions actually true? It can be astounding how accurate our perceptions of others turn out to be. For these many reasons, I pay close attention to the way I represent myself to others. My strong beliefs in being open-minded, natural, and respectful are accurately reflected in my personal style on a daily basis.

My style has always been all over the map, to me, it is all about keeping an open-mind. Some days I dress formal while other days I can be found in the most laid-back attire. The possibilities are endless when you have such a mindset. Whether it is a new trend, color, pattern or accessory, it is important to not limit yourself to a certain look. After all, our appearance is one of the ways in which we are judged. I value being open-minded because I feel as if it is the foundation to discovery. Without exploring our options and taking advantage of the immense amount of opportunities available, we can never truly understand or unlock life’s mysteries. Taking those types of risks insure gaining the most reward. Believing in such an idea has influenced my personal style. When I go shopping or get dressed...
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