Personal Fashion Choices

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My Personal Fashion Choices
In fashion, comfort and self confidence are very important. My own personal fashion choices are based on comfort and what I believe looks good on me. Simple, everyday things influence some of my choices in fashion. Fashion magazines, television, and the various styles I observe while traveling all have an influence on what I wear and buy. There are definitely times in my life when I could have referred to myself as a fashion victim. At times not all my clothes matched and my hairstyles were most definitely not something to look at, however at this point in my life, my clothes say more about me and my laidback personality.

First of all, my own personal fashion choices are mostly based on comfort and what I believe looks good on me. To me, being comfortable is imperative when choosing an outfit or piece of clothing. If you are not comfortable and are constantly hiking up your jeans because they are too big, or rolling your sleeves up because they are a bit too short, you probably won’t feel very good about yourself and it probably won’t look too good. This, for me, could possibly result in a bad day. Nobody likes bad days, including myself, so therefore, I chose clothes that are comfortable to wear, and fit my body just perfect. Secondly, various fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and In Style all have an influence on my fashion choices. In each magazine, they advertise numerous designers and their products. These advertisements almost always catch my eye, and although I cannot afford some of my favorite designers like Michael Kors and Gucci, they inspire me to find replicas of their diverse pieces. This also allows me to put my own little twist into it, almost like adding my own identity. Another influence for me is the different styling tips and tricks throughout the assorted magazines. These tips, tricks, and unique advertisements all have an effect on my choices in fashion,

A few years ago, if you were to ask me if I was a...
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