Internet and World Wide Web

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, History of the Internet Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: August 4, 2006
What I would term a fetishisation of oneself, a fascination with shiny surfaces, in other words, a fascination with anything that resembles a mirror. In this neo-feministic era where everyone, male or female, is preoccupied with how they look and the image they portray to others, we have seen the advent of certain previously immoral behaviors like homosexuality, which may sometimes be seen as a direct result of this fascination. People nowadays have become very deceptive in their day to day dealings which other. Previous notions of how one's appearance determined how people viewed and addressed them have since vanished. These so-called global villages with huge amounts of ‘information' on whichever topic you may think of are to blame for the universal loss of morals that we experience today. Any topic under the sun is addressed on the World Wide Web, famously known as the ‘Internet'. Information on how to look a certain way if you want to give a certain impression on anyone can be found there. This has contributed largely to the disorientation of people in terms of the notions and beliefs they have relied on for millions of years in determining whether or not to engage in any kind of business with someone. I believe that the unrelenting and uncontrolled dissemination of information on the Internet has killed many a community. No one can put a plug which websites one can visit, and more than likely more than three quarters of the stuff that can be found there is very much Western. Of course they are the people that came up with the idea of the Internet, but the way African communities are taking up their ideas is a bit worrying to say the least. It is common knowledge that western communities have absolutely no respect for communities that have strong traditional beliefs, because traditional beliefs are ‘discriminatory' and suppress the so-called ‘freedom' that they preach. We have seen a rampant deterioration of traditional values like
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