Value Added Markiting

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Use the case study on Blue Jet Airways to perform the 6 following tasks

ABP Level 7. PgDBM Value Added Marketing

Assignment 1. Understand market value from different perspectives in an organisation of your choice. You|Learning outcomes|| may use examples of organisations you have worked for or you are familiar with.|and assessment|| ||criteria||

1(a)|Explain the nature of value added marketing with regard to tangible and intangible|1.1|| |dimensions.|||
1(b)|Illustrate how service and product augmentation could increase value.|1.2|| 1(c)|Examine the marketing processes by focusing on the marketing planning process|1.3|| 1(d)|Examine the key concepts of value added marketing including quality, service, wealth|1.4|| |creation and innovation|||

Submit the above in the form of a structured business report of approximately 1000 words suitable for senior||| management.||||
Assignment 2. Understand the definitions of value added marketing within an organization of your choice||| ||||
2(a)|Critically evaluate the impact of different definitions of value added marketing on|2.1|| |consumers from economic, social, ethical and moral perspectives.||| 2(b)|Critically evaluate the impact of value added marketing on the designs of value propositions|2.2|| 2(c)|Examine the marketing principles of exchange of value|2.3|| 2(d)|Examine how the value proposition applies to the provision of services and products|2.4|| ||||

Submit the above in the form of a structured business report of approximately 1000 words||| |||
Assignment 3. Understand what drives value added marketing in an organization of your choice||| ||||
3(a)|Examine how consumer circumstances, lifestyle and cultural influences can drive marketing|3.1|| |change|||
3(b)|Investigate the impact on value propositions of well-being, wealth creation, social and|3.2|| |economic mobility, resource scarcity and natural effects.||| 3(c)|Systematically analyse how organisations apply value added principles for improvement in|3.3|| |performance, profitability, cost effectiveness and brand value.||| 3(d)|Systematically analyse the drivers that influence change and strategic development|3.4|| |including financial, resource, cost and productivity.|||

Submit the above in the form of a structured business report of approximately 1000 words||| ||||

Assignment 4. Understand the impact of the modern age of value added marketing||| ||||
4(a)|Critically evaluate the impact of design and innovation on value creation and development|4.1|| |including incremental, relational, competitive, transformational and diffusion innovation||| 4(b)|Systematically analyse the effect of science and technology on value creation and|4.2|| |development|||

4(c)|Systematically analyse the effect of cultural and cross cultural mobility on value added|4.3|| |marketing|||
Submit the above in the form of a structured business report of approximately 1000 words suitable for senior||| management.||||
Assignment5. Understand the importance of managing the customer relationship in value added marketing||| ||||
5(a)|Examine the contribution of customer relationship management to value added marketing|5.1|| |including brand image, reputation management, competitive advantage and value chain||| 5(b)|Explain how brand disposition and quality assurance requirements impact upon value|5.2|| |propositions|||

5(c)|Critically compare brands with respect to image, identity and brand strength|5.3|| 5(d)|Examine the influence service on customer retention, company value and long term|5.4|| |sustainability and organisational wealth|||

Submit the above in the form of a structured business report of approximately 1000 words||| |||
Assignment 6. Understand he role of marketing management in value chain management||| ||||
6(a)|Investigate how organisational focus on improvement can build value driven customers,|6.1|| |Organisation, market /industry relationship|||...

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