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1.0 Introduction
Valentino was founded in 1978 and a family business in Belgium. The founders were Helen De Leener and her husband Willy Roelandts. It is a homemade Belgian chocolates business. Year after year, the business was gradually growing well and became famous in Belgium. In order to increase the production, Helen decided to move to a new and spacious workshop in Anderlecht, Brussels. When they were doing the start-up business, they only sell the chocolates to bakers and pastry shops. In order to satisfy the demand of neighbours, they started to open a shop officially. Valentino has not been doing other services or selling other products until now. Valentino’s objective was to sell the “delicious chocolate at fair prices”. This objective had convinced a lot of Valentino’s fans and helped to bring an enormous success for them. Many chocoholics were crazy for the Valentino’s fresh chocolate taste. In order to meet the increasing demand, they had decided to expand the business and make a construction plan for the Valentino chocolate factory. Valentino now has become a leading European manufacturer of luxury Belgian chocolates. Making a breakthrough in the aggressive completion in chocolate industry is necessary. Valentino chocolatier has launched “Brasser”, the first Belgian beer and dark chocolate since they found out that the two top products for wedding in Belgium are beer and chocolate. It has a unique and strong competitive advantage which is difficult to be overtaken by other competitors. This chocolate-pairing beer concept makes a new and exciting experience for chocoholics to have a different, unforgettable, and desired taste. Brasser is 6.5% reddish brown brewed based on Valentino chocolatier’s secret recipe. Apart from that, Brasser Beer wins a Bronze Medal in the Brussels Beer Challenge. In order to widen its business network, Valentino is planning to expand its business to Asia. The regional manager has requested me and my team members, the Marketing department, to help them to select the best location for expansion. From our intensive research, our team has chosen Korea as a country to further expand our business. South Korea has a distinct celebration of Valentines’ day with some other Asia countries. In Korea, Valentines’ Day is one of the 12 “love days” which is celebrated on the 14th of every month. Korea is crazy enthusiastic on Valentines’ Day and White Day. Normally, girls and boys are likely to spend more time and money to have a solemn celebration with their partner, while the other love days receive little to no commercial attention. Those days are Valentine’s Day held on 14th February, White Day held on 14th March and Black day held on 14th April. Girls and boys will exchange chocolate gift with each other as a sign of affection. Apart from that, other smaller chocolates are given out to friends, classmates, and colleagues, showing a polite and caring gesture. The sales of chocolate products are boosted up in every single chocolate shop, convenient store, hypermarket, and so on. Therefore, Koreans are willing to spend money on buying chocolate as a precious gift for their partner.

2.0 Content
2.1 Business Opportunity
Entrepreneurs are given the chance to start the business that has proven to be a success with business opportunities. It offers a range of goods and services that are already highly demanded in the market. Always be sure to remember that business opportunities typically have very low investment levels. Therefore, if Valentino is searching to invest in a business without having to raise extra capital, this may be the perfect option for Valentino. There are a wide variety of business opportunities available, ranging from legal services business opportunities to chocolate wrapping business opportunities. All opportunities involve a unique products and business ideas that have a form of success. South Korea has a vast market. South Korea is...
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