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Korean Language

Korean Alphabet | English Sound | ㄱ | g (initial) k (final) | ㄴ | n (initial) n (final) | ㄷ | d (initial) t (final) | ㄹ | r (initial) l (final) | ㅁ | m (initial) m (final) | ㅂ | b (initial) p (final) | ㅅ | s (initial) t (final) | ㅇ | silent (initial) ng (final) | ㅈ | j (initial) t (final) | ㅊ | ch (initial) t (final) | ㅋ | k (initial) k (final) | ㅌ | t (initial) t (final) | ㅍ | p (initial) p (final) | ㅎ | h (initial) t (final) | ㄲ | gg (initial) k (final)...

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Korean Language

Olivia Sung-eun Nam Art Ed 367.01 Cultural Identity Narrative 09-18-2012 < Fried Kim-chi> There are some images associated with Korean food, but the most well- known Korean food is absolutely Kim-chi. Kim-chi is a traditional fermented Korean food. According to the Health Magazine, Kim-chi is one of the top 5 healthiest foods in the world. It has full of Vitamins A, B and C. But since it is a fermented food, its biggest benefit is their healthy bacteria which are called lactobacilli...

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Korean Writing and Script, a Comparison.

Medium: Korean Writing and Script, a comparison. Korean writing and scripts was said to be one of the remarkably unique writing system and language in the world apart from the Chinese and Japanese scripts. The sources of the origin of the script were lost at an early date in Korea and thus resulting to the variety of conflicting theories which had risen among the Korean and Western scholars. It was established during Joseon Dynasty by The Great King Sejong and was completed in December 1443...

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Koreans Facing Discrimination in America

In the early 19th century, Koreans came to the United States seeking freedom from Japanese rule and to maintain their Korean cultural identity. Like many other minorities, Korean immigrants experienced racial discrimination in the past and they also experience discrimination today. The Alien Land Act of 1913 was passed to prevent non-naturalized Koreans from owning property and limited leases in California. They were often turned away by Caucasian landlords when they were attempting to find housing...

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Sijo- Korean Literature

Introduction to Sijo Korean literature is becoming popular in foreign lands. The globalization of Korean literature is good news to Korean poets and writers. Literature certainly has an important role to play in its portrayal of the relations between society and individual people, and it has a particularly vital social function in developing or underdeveloped countries. Korea has a proud and long-established literary tradition, but while it has produced many fine classical and contemporary works...

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Korean Education

shown in Korean T.V dramas and movies. This image is often accompanied by a private tutor or a strict parent as the student takes his or her mock exams. “God of Study” is one of the dramas that show such an image and clearly shows what Korean students go through before they get into their desired university. The story revolves around five high school students, each with unique problems that restrains them from being the best they could be. Their problems are representative of what many Korean students...

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Korean Civilization

Early Settlers People have been living on the Korean peninsula for about half a million years. Archeologists have found ancient evidence of stone chopping tools, axes and old pottery in digs in Central Korea . Farming most probably started in the Bronze Age, around 3,500 years ago. Carbonized rice grains and farming tools dating from this period of history have been found at many archeological digs. Geography Geographically, the Korean Peninsula points southward from the northeastern corner...

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Korean Clothing Shop in Auckland Am

Assignment 1 Organisation Background -Korean Cloth Shop- 21201043 Kendrick Oh [TABLE OF CONTENT] Headings Page 1.Introduction 1.1 Organization & Product and Services 1.2 Company’s Vision and Mission 1.3 Market Profile 1.4 Corporate Objectives 2. Contents 2.1 Corporate Strategy 2.2 Marketing Strategy 2.3 Strategic linkage/relationship...

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North Korean Self Interests

know how he would have survived in such a horrible place. Qualifying with this statement, I feel like people should assist their own self-interests. In the documentary about North Korea, North Koreans have the worst human rights. The North Korean population is strictly managed by the state. North Koreans are told what to do their every move and don’t have the right to do what they want. Disagreeing with how North Korea’s country is managed, there is many reasons why people should please their own...

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Women in Korean Society

Women in Korean Society: A Past and Present Perspective Soobeen Hyun G9B “The Music from Gwangsang Mountian where I played in my dream” is one of the most famous poems, which was written by a woman who lived in 1500s. The poem basically means that the writer of this poem eager to escape from the patriarchal society. The poem was written by a Korean women poet “Heo Hanselheon” who lived in 1500s wrote this poem before she died. This poem is describing when she had a dream that she was in the place...

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