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Dr. Kupczynski
English 1301

University of Washington VS. Washington State University

As a community college student wanting to transfer to a university upon completion of my Associates Degree, I have started to look at different campuses. Naturally, once I began researching the schools I wanted to attend, I had to take many different factors into consideration. Some of those factors are: Location, culture, veteran preference and specific programs for my major. I already know that I will be attending a university in the state of Washington. It has always been my dream to head back up to the Pacific Northwest, and what better way to do that than by furthering my education. I also already know what my major is: Meteorology. After many different sessions, I have narrowed the choice down to two universities. I will be comparing these two institutions, The University of Washington and Washington State University, and which one will satisfy all of my needs.

The University of Washington has three different campuses in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell, all of which are located in Western Washington. When I move back to Washington, I will be staying with old friends who will be able to help me get back on my feet. All three of these cities are within close proximity to where I will be living at, which is absolutely ideal. UW has a specific atmospheric sciences department for those interested in pursuing a meteorology career. It provides students, both current and future, with a list of specific courses that they need to obtain while at the university in order to be successful in this field. They offer degree plans, core coursework, how to declare this specific major, and listings of other environmental departments at the University… just incase this particular field doesn't seem to bode well. It provides the coursework for career entry into the National Weather Service, military forecasting careers, and graduate school in various...
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