Topics: Black people, Race, African American Pages: 5 (1925 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Katrina Washington
Professor J. Longacre
English 111 Sec. 26
November 25, 2012
Segregate the Other
Segregation occurs within the African American race and also towards African Americans by society. Sometimes in life you can be segregated by your own race. Or maybe the outsiders see it as you being an “other” just because you have different opinions about certain things that they feel is right or wrong. Being the black sheep of a crowd within your very own kind is never a good feeling. In my own personal experience of life, I am always the other out of every group of black people which is my race. Various times I am embarrassed for the way the engage their ignorance into their actions and words. I am a black woman of intelligence and perseverance. I do not tolerate any type of foolery of people’s stupidity to make myself fit in with that particular crowd. I attend the University of Tennessee at Martin, a predominantly white school, where I am always overlooked by my words due to dominant opinions already made about us black folk. However, there was a very heated situation that happened recently that almost lead out of control. The night of the election really took a turn for the worse on campus. Needless to say that since there was a black man versus a white man running for presidency, there were lots of racist actions shown and racist words thrown. This situation made me feel very nervous and uncomfortable because I knew how the turnout would be. Once Barack Obama was announced as president again… things on campus got a bit out of hand. Almost all the black students were outside in the parking lot acting like wild monkeys. Yes I understand they were happy and all, but it shouldn’t have been that ridiculous. There were several white students hanging out windows bellowing racist remarks and insults. Once they started throwing out those dirty words, I felt sick to my stomach. Disgusted and irritated just by the sound of the word “Nigger”! Black students that heard those bad remarks took things in their own hands and it almost became a riot right there in the parking lot. Me trying to bring down some of the heat, I tried to tell them to calm down and that it wasn’t that serious. They just looked at me as if I had the word weirdo written across my forehead. They ignored my words and thoughts of expression due to my opposite opinion on how to handle things. I then immediately became the “Other”. I hate to be stereotyped as the average loud, gang banging, trash talking, attitude having black person. And what I was trying to warn them to not fit into the typical stereotypes. However, they thought I was stuck on stupid or something and mentally put me in a little segregated group of my own for my unspoken actions for help. It made me feel eliminated by my own race for thinking outside their mentality structures; fortunately, I do not abide by the status quo. Being the other is never a good spot to sit in. Your voice is never heard and you are always judged if you disagree with what they think. When you don’t agree with their opinion about whatever, they judge you as being weird or strange. Why do you have to be strange just because you want to speak for yourself and not follow behind others? It’s so annoying and pitiful when you talk to someone about your feelings or what have you, and they act like they really care. Yes people always say they understand what you’re talking about when you tell about a bad experience, especially some sort of struggle or downfall. Unfortunately, most of the time people just tell you they understand to shut you up. The people that agree with you will never understand what the under covering of the words you speak simply because they are not you. It’s needless to say that they’ll blackmail you with your own information once you think you can trust them. There is always a story behind people’s words and their opinion counts too. Being the other is a tough role seeing that people can hear you, but...
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