Using Ict in Learning

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SEPTEMBER 14th 2007

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Page 1.0 Aim Page 1.1 Background Page 2.0 The learning situation Page 2.1 The lesson Page 2.2 The assessment strategies used Page 3.0 Strengths of ICT as a learning tool Page 4.0 Weaknesses of ICT as a learning tool Page 5.0 Conclusions Page Bibliography

1.0 Aim

This report describes a learning support situation where ICT has been used. The assessment strategies as well as the advantages of ICT as a tool for learning are discussed.


It is generally agreed that the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools is a crucial resource in education (ICT in Education, 2007). Because of the benefits to teachers and pupils, ICT will grow in use (Using ICT to support learning, n.d.). The Government has spent more than £1.8 billion to bring ITC to schools with a further £230 released from The National Lottery to increase teachers’ competence in the use of ICT (OFSTED, 2002).

2.0 The learning situation

The pupils involved in the lesson were the lowest set of year tens for mathematics. Most of the pupils in the class, of about fifteen, have low scores in their mathematics assessments a small proportion have been placed in the class for “behavioural problems” possibly due to ADHD. (Dupaul, G.J., Jiterenda, A.K., Volpe, R.J., Lutz, J.G., Junod, R.V., Tresco, K. et al., 2005). Rather than present the whole lesson on the board the teacher had decided to incorporate ICT into the lesson to make it more interesting and enjoyable for the pupils (Alfey 2003, p. 107). Past assessments of learning styles had also shown a wide range of learning styles (Smith, M. K., 2002).

2.1 The lesson

Bibliography: 1.1Background It is generally agreed that the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools is a crucial resource in education (ICT in Education, 2007) Pupils use computers from an early age and continue to university level the skills learnt are transferred to adult life (ICT in Education, 2007). ICT has had a positive impact on helping pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to access the National Curriculum (Department for Education and Skills, 2004c) The Internet is a cheap; fast way to access a huge amount of resources that are regularly updated and is accessible twenty-four hours a day so allows pupils to continue their work at home (ICT in Education, 2007). A recent report (Department for Education and Skills [DFES], 2003,p. 5) states that using ICT in schools has had a direct positive affect on learning. ICT is sometimes used where other forms of learning would be more appropriate OFSTED, 2002). Using computers does not suit the learning style of some pupils Smith, M. K., 2002) There is often insufficient range in the development of pupils ' skills in using ICT to handle different forms of data 5.0 Conclusions On balance from the discussion above ICT has a more positive than negative effect on learning and as stated in a recent report (DFES, 2003, p

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