Unprofessional Conduct

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Assignment # 2 – “Unprofessional Conduct”

Timothy Sidbury
Professor Bess White

BUS309508016*201005: Business Ethics

20 August 2010
Assignment # 2 – “Unprofessional Conduct”
1. Explain how you understand the following terms: “unprofessional,” “immoral,” “lack of fitness” to teach. First, I understand the term” unprofessional” as conduct that goes against a set of rules or principles of a stated profession. Secondly, “immoral” is behavior that is unethical and does not comply with morals as defined by a civilized society. Thirdly, a “lack of fitness” to teach can be understood to be use of poor judgment, a lack of integrity and/or bad behavior. 2. Explain whether the Board of Education was justified in firing Pettit. I believe the Board of Education was justified in firing Pettit because of the type of lewd behavior, poor judgment and immoral lifestyle she displayed. The fact that one of the attendees was an undercover police officer was unfortunate for her as she permitted herself to be placed in a compromising position (in addition to breaking the law). While employers typically require each new employee to read their ethical code of conduct, it probably does not delineate what behavior is acceptable or unacceptable, rather there’s an expectation that you will use good sound judgment and common sense in which case she used neither. I guess my only issue is that they allowed her to teach for two years before rescindind their decision. Their concern that “she would inject her views of sexual mortality into the classroom” is plausible but she could have imparted these views in the preceding two years as well. 3. Explain whether the court’s verdict was consistent with its earlier handling of the case of the homosexual teacher. I don’t believe it was consistent with the case of homosexual teacher because the circumstances were totally different as the original verdict was reversed due mainly to insufficient evidence

Assignment # 2 –...

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