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Topic: - IT Governance at University of the Southeast
Date: -03/12/2014

Critical Facts:-

· Supported by the Information Technology, University of the Southeast was among the largest growing universities in the United States (Saunders, 2013).

· The University used IT governance in lecturing capturing tools & technology to provide lecture to the students at varied places & made lectures independent to the physical classrooms (Saunders, 2013).

· In University of the Southeast, IT was administered by Information Technologies and Resources (IT&R) department which was responsible for providing IT support & services across the campus (Saunders, 2013).

· Information Technologies and Resources (IT&R) following IT Monarchy approach, worked in coordination with top level administrators & President and took very less input from the faculty at the university (who were the end users of the system) while taking decisions regarding investments , applications to be developed, IT architecture and infrastructure (Saunders, 2013).

· Among many colleges under the university only The College of Business Administration was provided with its own server and Technology Support Department (TSD) (Saunders, 2013).

· According to survey the faculty at the university were satisfies with the services provided by the Technology Support Department at the college level but were not happy with the support provided by the Information Technologies and Resources (IT&R) in using the technology made for classrooms & capturing lectures (Saunders, 2013).

· Among the many problems faced due to the inappropriate IT support system the major were with the lecture capturing software while authenticating the already registered students, inadequate network bandwidth & IT&R’s Help Desk services (Saunders, 2013).

· University of the Southeast maintained a centralized server for managing email accounts for better security, reliability and efficiency. It also made it easier to maintain & control (Saunders, 2013).

· User friendliness was sacrificed as the faculty faced problems in archiving their mails, forwarding mails on their institute based account (Saunders, 2013) because of the identity management problems a centralized server (for email accounts) would create, the faculty was not allowed to have a control on preferring their own email address (Saunders, 2013).

· There was a lack of communication between the faculty between the university faculty & the IT&R staff, as some of the faculty remain uninformed about their changed e-mail address in the printed university directory (Saunders, 2013).


University of the Southeast followed the centralized approach of IT governance to implement IT & used IT monarchy Archetype in security & infrastructure decision making process to facilitate the centralized approach. As the faculty was unsatisfied with the support technology used, clearly the university was unsuccessful in the strategy they planned. The Question here to ask is

What is a centralized structure & why did the university took the centralization approach? What went wrong in applying the approach?
In a centralized organizational structure is a top-down control setup in which most of the power and crucial decision making responsibilities are spread among few key leaders (Kokemuller, 2007). It requires less administrative expense to run a centralized structure & it reduces conflicts as the lower level managers as top managers are responsible for making the critical decision (Kokemuller, 2007).With respect to the above mentioned advantages, University of southeast, under the guidance of Information Technologies and Resources (IT&R ) implemented the IT governance using centralized organization structure to make the technology more manageable, secure, reliable and efficient. The IT policies were...

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