Unit 3 information systems

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Assignment 1 (Brief)2
Task 1 – Data, Information and Information Systems5
Task 2 – Provide a profile of Sir John Cass and how we use information.8 Task 3a – Explain how Sir John Cass School uses data and information.13 Task 3b – Prepare a table showing different sources of information.15 Task 4 – Flow of information between different functional areas in an organization22 Task 5 – The use of Management Information Systems (MIS) in this school32 Task 6 – How an organisation could improve the quality of its business information36 Assignment 2 (Brief)38

Task 1 – Explain the legal issues involved when using ICT40 Task 2 – Explain tools used to manage & process information42 Assignment 3 (Brief)47
Task 1: Explain the purpose & operation of data mining and predictive modelling.48

Assignment 1 (Brief)

Information is the blood of organisations, the business information systems help pump it around. Therefore, these systems are integral to the ongoing success of any organisation.

As an ICT teacher and Head of Department for Sir John Cass Secondary School, I will provide you with the opportunity to investigate and gain an insight into an actual organisation, how we use information and the information systems used to help with decision-making.

I have been working in this school for 11 years now and I have seen a lot of changes and development throughout the years. You, the students, have also experienced changes as well. Instead of providing you with all the information about the school, I think it would nice for you to demonstrate your Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and from your personal experience to provide a brief report on this school as an organisation.

I will provide you with various source documents such as:

Sixth Form absent Sheet,
School Purchase Order Form,
School Mission Statements,
Print screens of the school’s Curriculum Management Information Systems (CMIS), Scanned example of the catalogue the school uses to make orders, TMG, AS and A-level predicted grade

You will have to use these resources to help and support your explanation of how the school uses these sources of information, its purposes, the flow of information between different functional areas and the use of information system to meet its organisational objectives.

Background Information

The school has invested lot money in Information and Communication Technology, especially with the increase in the number of computers and now, using laptops (Wireless network) in new Sixth Form building.

We have CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) for students to design their product to its exact specification using laser technology to cut it within the Design & Technology Department.

The Music Department is using Apple Macintosh computers with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and electronic keyboards to process sound. The Media Study Department uses digital cameras and camcorders with Multimedia Software to process and edit digital photographs and videos. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and data projector. This gives you some idea of the technology that is used in the operational side of this organisation.

Many students and even some teachers do not realise the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes (outside the classroom/lessons) to ensure the school as an organisation is running smoothly and effectively as possible. For example the premises staff (Caretakers and cleaners), Catering, SEN and EMAG, Learning Mentors and Assistant Teachers, Librarians, Admin and IT Technicians – ALL PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE in our organisation.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team consists of the Deputy Heads and the Assistant Heads. The SMT in conjunction with the Head Teacher are responsible for maintaining and improving the school through different stages. There are different members of...
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