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Topics: July 1, Full-time, Part-time Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Business Writing Portfolio
Georgina E. Inzunza
1 July, 2010
Mary Beth Hartleb

Business Writing Portfolio
Part I: Business Writing Steps:
In considering addressing changes within a retail store operations to three sets of stakeholders of a retail clothing chain, specific preparations must be attained. First, one must draft a business letter addressed to the store managers, a business memo addressed to the store employees, and an Electronic Mail or e-mail addressed to the customers and the public. All should be generated under the assumption the target audience has adequate time to review the message and respond if advised to do so. 1. The Store managers will need to know the exact dilemma and all of the changes, the manner in which all employees will be impacted, store modifications (expansions or closures), timeframes, and the benefit to the company. 2. The store employees; full and part time, will need to know the changes in their schedules, store hours, and salary, and any other need to know information regarding this particular retail store’s operations. 3. The E-mail should entail details specific to the store’s customers and the public, such as; providing a valid reason for the changes in order for them to support the changes and continue to be a loyal customer or a future one. 4. The messages must cover all of the negative stressors, as people are reluctant to change. 5. Alternative methods , including the positive solutions must be considered and presented by way of business letters, memos, and e-mail.

Part II: Portfolio-Business Letter to Store Managers

Georgina E. Inzunza/Public Relations Manager
1234 Retail Place
Henderson, NV 89015
July 1, 2010
All Store Managers
Retail Store
1234 Retail Place
Henderson, NV 89015

Dear store managers:

The time of recession has finally taken its toll on our company and requires some changes within store operations in order to cut...
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