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In recent decades, secondary school students have continued to strive for places in universities and believe it is the only way leading to a bright future. A question on whether a university degree is of importance to survive in the business world is raised. While some suggest a university degree helps undergraduate prepare for the real world, others contend that it is wastage of time. The arguments of the essentiality of a university degree will be examined. The essay will be concluded with the present writer’s opinions.

It is believed that a university degree may ensure undergraduates to gain a ticket in the fierce competition. In his evaluation of career hunting, Davidson(1999) showed how technical knowledge could help students to hunt a job successfully and distinguish themselves from thousands of applicants. A university certificate which is equivalent to professional qualification is required for business-related jobs given that Hong Kong is a service-oriented city.

Regardless of the opportunities, it is seemingly indispensable that practical experience shall be given the first priority. Brownsman(2007) judges that work experience in the real world is more conducive than holding a university degree to employment in long-term. The longer the years of work experience are, the more you gain the specific skills in business world. If a secondary student decides to gain theoretical knowledge at university, when he graduates, he may lack practical work experience when compared to the one who have chosen to work immediately after graduation from secondary school. From the above discussion, it is obvious that holding university degree being the only key element for the survival in the business sector remains questionable. However, personally, I believe that it is worthwhile to obtain a university degree to increase our competitiveness. Assuming that there are two employees, the chance of getting promotion is higher for an employee graduated from...
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