Pre-lab Radical Halogenation and Gas Chromatography

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Is Higher Education Worth the Price?
The question of whether or not higher education is actually “worth it” is an entirely subjective on. To objectively determine if higher education will give a high return on investment, one needs to first understand what they are hoping to gain out of the entire experience. Higher education does worth the price because it helps students to build their self-fulfillment, provide more monetary opportunities and reach their final goal . In the United States, for someone looking to start their career in a white collar office environment, it is almost a necessity to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Without a Bachelor’s degree at the very least, it is very unlikely that an applicant will even get to the interview stage. It is important to note that the while the job itself might not actually require skills that are taught in college, many other applicants will have gone to college. College does not only learn about how to find a job, but also about how to live, how to think, and how to communicate effectively. Whether the skills learned in college or university actually help in one’s business career is a separate issue entirely. Thus, having a degree won’t give an individual a competitive edge, but not having one will hurt. For example, some college students argue that some majors are irrelevant to their careers such as liberal arts. But the future demands of citizenship will require not narrow technical or job-focused training, but rather a subtle understanding of the complex influences that shape the work we live in (Sanford J Ungar 191).Traditional and well-rounded preparation will never hurt you. For someone aspiring to work their way up in a corporate environment then, clearly there is value in obtaining a degree from a place of higher education. College is a key which offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option to dream (Liz Addison 214). For some professions,...
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