Unit 4 M1 Assignment

Topics: Nervous system, Neurotransmitter, Human nature Pages: 2 (1072 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Nature is the genetic and biological influences on an individual and their development; it is based on genes and what is inherited from them. Nurture is the social, economic and environmental influences on an individual and their development; it based on personality and how behaviour is learnt. Determinism is the belief that you future is fixed and influenced purely naturally by what is genetically inherited or that your future is unpredictable and can change over time depending on choices made from what you learn from your social environment or from life experiences. Choice and interaction is the belief that people can take control over their lives though the choices they make; it is based on ‘free will’. The maturation theory says that development may be guided by genes but these genes cannot operate without an environment, it is the belief that development is influenced by the combination of nature and nurture. Michael Jackson’s life was influenced by nature and nurture. It can be argued that MJ’s voice and the ability to move is natural. This influences his singing and dancing because if he was dumb, deaf or paralysed then there would be no possibility for his singing or dancing. To sing you have to have a voice and the ability to hear music to learn it or no amount of training can help you, to dance you need to have the ability to move. However his ability to use it to sing and dance could also be down to nurture as it can be taught. You can have a voice and the ability to move and dance and still not know how to use it to sing and dance, this would need to be taught. Nature had influenced his talent, his ability to sing and dance was his natural talent that acquired at birth, but to improve it he had to learn music, vocal chords and rhythm, this then helped him improve his dancing skills. His personality can be down to nature as a person’s temperament comes with genes, particular hormones and brain parts that control emotion can influence your...
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