Mt 140 Unit 6 Assignment

Topics: Employment, Policy, Periodization Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: August 27, 2013
In this paper, we will discuss how Lei can use the four steps in the bureaucratic control process to not only streamline the company policies but to put herself and Dalman back in control of policies and how they are enforced. Lei needs to start setting performance standards. Basically, she needs to sit down with Dalman and re-write the company policies about things like work ethic, expectations, limitations, etc. For example, one can only be paid for hours actually worked. You cannot work off the clock and get paid for it no matter what circumstance. Re-writing the company policy manual covers all things between hours of store operations, expectation of opening and closing shifts, vacation time and when an employee can use it, etc. etc. Anything from A-Z should be covered in the manual so that nothing is left to be questioned by an employee down the line. Lei also needs to set up bi-annual reviews after the new policies are put into place. This allows time for the employees to make sure they are reading the policies correctly as well as the company giving the employees time to get caught up in the new policies. Everyone should sign off on the policies and know exactly what they are getting into or not. She also needs to compare performance and deviations from performance. After the six months goes by, each employee should get an evaluation of their job performance. Any low marks within that time period should be a write-up to have people work on their policies and abide by them. After the first evaluation, she should sit down with them in another three months and if the marks are still low and not to company standards, they should let the employee go as to show they are no longer messing around and allowing foolish behavior to happen in their stores. And this comes to the conclusion of taking action to correct said problems. At this time, Lei should really be stern and make sure that employees know that she is serious about policy. She and Dalman need to take...
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