Unit 4 Assignment 2

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NT2580: Introduction to Information Security
Unit 4 Assignment 2
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Definition
Richman Investments Acceptable Use Policy
The use of company-owned computing devices and networks is a privilege, instead of a right, and inappropriate use can result in revocation of such privilege. Employees must remember that their behaviors represent the actions of the company, and the respect to the rights of others and all relevant laws, regulations and contracts. Employees also must be aware of that their inappropriate uses may lead to catastrophic results on the company and other employees. This acceptable use policy grants the right for users to gain access to the network of Richman Investments and also binds the said user to follow and abide accordingly to the agreements set forth for network access provided below. Acceptable Uses:

General and authorized uses for achieving the objectives of their job description, and occasional personal communications by using email. Unacceptable Uses:
For Internet Use, the following actions are prohibited:
Accessing, downloading, storing, recording sites that are offensive, obscene, defamatory, abusive or otherwise unlawful Knowingly downloading any materials irrelevant to their work Conducting actions irrelevant to their work, such as playing games, listening to music, watch videos, and etc. Internet usage should be conducted for the company business only. Internet use creates the possibility of virus attacks or allowing any unauthorized people to get into our system with the potential of accessing company’s confidential information. The use of personal internet must be limited and only to be used for web based emails only with the approval of your Supervisor or Manager. For Email Use, the following actions are prohibited:

Accessing inappropriate sites or inappropriate e-mail
Transmitting private mass mailings
Transmitting messages disclosing personal information without...
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