Unit 8 Assignment 1

Topics: IP address, Internet Protocol, Subnetwork Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: January 5, 2015
Baldeo Persaud
Unit 8 Assignment 1
Define Key Terms:
IP router: A device that performs IP routing. A physical device with roles defined by the IP protocol, including to connect LANs and WANs using its physical interfaces, and to route (forward) IP packets that come in any interface out the correct outgoing interface. IP address: A 32-bit binary number, often written in the DDN format, that hosts use as their unique identifier in a TCP/IP network, much like a postal mailing address in the postal system. routing table: A list of IP routes used by an IP router when making routing decisions about where to forward an IP packet. IP network: When discussing IP addressing, this term refers to a group of IP addresses as defined by class A, B, or C rules. Also called a classful network ID. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: A TCP/IP protocol that uses a client-and-server model of communication, with messages that allow a client to ask the server to loan or lease to the client the use of an IP address for some period of time. IP routing: The process of forwarding an IP packet from end to end through a TCP/IP network, as well as the logic used on an individual host or router as its part of the forwarding of the packet to its end destination. IP route: One entry in an IP routing table that lists some potential destination (usually a network ID or subnet ID) as forwarding instructions, including the interface out which the router should forward the IP packet. IP subnetting: The process of taking a class A, B, or C IP network and subdividing it into a number of smaller groups of addresses (subnets). default router: A host IP setting that refers to the IP address of some router, on the same subnet as the host, to which the host sends IP packets when the destination is on some other subnet. Address Resolution Protocol: A protocol that allows an IP host on a LAN to discover the MAC address of another host on the same LAN.
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