Unit 20 P2 M1 RE SUB

Topics: Personal life, Alcohol abuse, Health Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: January 31, 2015
Unit 20 Re-submission
Hamaira Qaisar


In relation to the health belief model, a relevant campaign would be the Change 4 Life campaign. This campaign gives enough information and resources to alcohol abusers whose lives are at risk because of alcohol. It helps them to eventually quit their habit of drinking. This campaign also helps to recognise the core factors of the drinking habit an individual may be suffering from. They have a wide range of facilities ranging from “Tracker” app and facts and tips on how to make sure you have a acceptable and healthy intake of alcohol. This campaign shows the benefits of following alcohol rules to achieve better health.

Perceived susceptibility- In the Change for Life campaign, the behaviour is alcohol abuse and not measuring intakes. The potential negative effects are liver damage and a range of diseases.

Perceived seriousness- In the Change for Life campaign this is the seriousness of the effects of a persons unhealthy drinking lifestyle.

Perceived benefits- In the Change for Life campaign, this is about showing people the benefits to their health as a result of a change in drinking lifestyle and behaviour.

Barriers- There may be a number of barriers in the way of a person who wants to change their drinking habit such as financial problems, geographical locations and so on.

Cues to action- The Change for Life campaign helps a person to identify what indications are to view for them to realise that they need to change their habit.

Self-efficacy- The Change for Life Campaign builds enough confidence within a person for them to take a step to change their drinking habit.

In relation to the Social Learning theory, Active Kids for life (sponsored by David Beckham) will be a relevant campaign to focus on. This campaign encourages children to take up a healthy and active lifestyle by exercising regularly and also eating well. When kids will see that David Beckham, a genius in football, is supporting...
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