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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Drinking alcohol is woven into the social fabric of our culture, and indeed many people enjoy the social and cultural connection of sharing a drink together. However, because drinking is so common in our society, realizing you or a loved one has a drinking problem can be a challenge.  The consequences of alcohol abuse are serious. Alcohol abuse causes extensive damage to your health, your loved ones, and society. It results in thousands of innocent deaths each year, and exacerbates...

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Alcohol Abuse in the Restaurant Industry

Alcohol Abuse in the Restaurant Industry Shelsie Ann Lawrence University of West Florida Alcohol Abuse in the Restaurant Industry The purpose of this paper is to look at the high incidence of alcohol abuse in the restaurant industry and the possible causes. I will use studies done, but also incidences from my own personal experience of 15 years in the restaurant industry. Background The American Psychological Association defines alcohol abuse as, “a drinking pattern that results in significant...

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Effects of Alcohol Abuse on College Students

1301-16 12 November 2009 Alcohol and College Students: What are the Effects? College is a time in one’s life to start over, to start off on a clean slate. It is also time for a person to prepare for their future. Most importantly, college is time for people to achieve an education, while furthermore working on who they are and who they want to be. However, when people hear about college experiences, they are mostly focused around wild parties, drugs, and alcohol: the makings of a “good time”...

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alcohol abuse

Abstract Alcohol is one of the most readily available and most misused substances. Teenagers are going to experiment with drugs and alcohol, but they don’t seem to see the link between what they do today and the consequences on tomorrow. Alcohol abuse in teenagers is on the decline but it is also still the leading cause of teenage death. There are also long term and short term health effects that come along with abusing alcohol as a teenager. Children of alcoholics are a lot more likely to abuse alcohol...

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Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse in the society. A review of the literature Abstract Alcohol abuse is also a serious medical and social problem, but is not the same as alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is the...

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Alcohol Abuse

considered. Yet according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), some studies of primary care practices have shown that alcoholics receive an assessment by a medical professional and a referral to treatment only about 10 percent of the time.According to a study released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2004, in considering the state averages of the percentages of people with alcohol dependence, the nationwide average statewide percentage...

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Psychological Hardiness and Coping Style as Risk/Resilience Factors for Alcohol Abuse

Factors for Alcohol Abuse Michelle Clayton Indiana Institute of Technology Introduction to Psychology/1700 August 2, 2012 Rita Polivick Abstract Alcohol abuse is a growing problem in the military, and a costly one. The present study evaluates the potential role of psychological hardiness an individual resilience resource, to stress-related problem drinking in a military population. We assess the association of psychological hardiness and avoidance coping style with alcohol use patterns...

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Factors Affecting Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Among Teens in the Us

Affecting Alcohol Abuse and Addiction among Teens in the US Name University Course Tutor Date Factors Affecting Alcohol abuse and addiction Among Teens in the US Alcohol abuse and addiction has become a very rampant phenomenon among the youths in the US especially in the recent past. Many youthful individuals in the US consume alcohol, this being despite the fact that the minimum legal age of drinking age has been set at 21 (Shaffer, LaPlante, & Nelson, 2012). Alcohol abuse may take...

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse has quickly become one of the most common, yet detrimental issues in modern society. It is harmful to both the abuser, the abuser’s family and friends, and also society as a whole. Alcohol abuse is defined as “a psychiatric diagnosis describing the recurring use of alcoholic beverages despite its negative consequences” (“Alcohol Abuse”). While the definition may seem like a simple one, alcohol abuse is actually the complete opposite. It is a very complex issue with many variables accounting...

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Alcohol Essay

police officer I interviewed, stated the main reasons why there is substance abuse amongst adolescents is because of peer pressure and family history. He agreed that the drinking age is exactly where it should be due to maturity and other factors. Officer Myer stated that substance abuse amongst teens is something that they deal with on sometimes a daily, but mostly a weekly basis. He stated that most of the substance abuse problems during the week come from the colleges and universities around here...

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Teen alcohol abuse

"MMMM d, y" October 4, 2014 TEEN ALCOHOL ABUSE A teenage years, the period that all of us went through. The time when you are a teenager is very delicate period when you structure your future life. Wherever you are living there is always an alcohol around and being under age of 21, legal drinking age in America, challenge your temptations. America has a strict alcohol limitations but the under age drinking abuse is still at high point. A teenage alcohol abuse is very common social problem today...

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Alcohol abuse is a very dangerous condition in that it can cause many problems in a persons life and affect many aspects of their lifestyle. Alcoholism (or alcohol abuse) somehow effects everyone's life at some point in time; through a parent, a sibling, a friend, or even personal encounters. Alcohol abuse, as a medical diagnosis, refers to a pattern of behavior characterized by excessive alcohol consumption. This consumption can occur at regular intervals, regular weekend intervals...

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Causes and Effects of Alcohol Abuse

influence of peers, family, society, the availability of alcohol, mental illness, stress, and not knowing how to cope with certain situations. It’s a common thing for an alcoholic to think drinking is the answer to all their problems, but in retrospect drinking is only adding to the multiple complications caused by being a compulsive drinker. Research has been done to explore the reason behind why people drink. However, “Exactly how alcohol affects the brain and the likelihood of reversing the...

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Why alcohol should not be legal?

Why alcohol should not be legal 1 Why alcohol should not be legal Delono Walker Devry University April 10, 2011 Why alcohol should not be 2 In the 1920’s during world war one, the churches mostly Protestants began to lobby against the sales of alcohol: in order to slow crime and domestic abuse. Furthermore many saloons or bars were selling German...

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Adolescent Alcohol Abuse

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse: What Factors are Present? Over the years, many researchers have dedicated their time and energy to study adolescent alcohol abuse. They have found that there are many factors that contribute to adolescent alcohol abuse. These factors are psychological, environmental, social, and cultural. Not all of these factors play a part in every adolescent who abuses alcohol, but one of these factors is usually present. Psychological disorders have been found in both American...

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alcohol abuse

ALCOHOL ABUSE Health Education May 21st , 2014 Citations "National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism." Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Detroit: Gale, 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 21 May 2014. "Alcohol Abuse and Addiction." Alcohol and Tobacco: America's Drugs of Choice. Detroit: Gale, 2006. Information Plus Reference Series. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 21 May 2014. "Drunkard Attacks Wife." Family in Society: Essential Primary Sources. Ed. K. Lee Lerner...

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Substance Abuse Essay

was: Substance Abuse. The reason I choose this subject was because I have had a lot of experience with it. Substance Abuse is a very serious addiction that can happen to anyone. An addiction is any continued involvement with a substance or activity despite its ongoing negative consequences. It is also known as an addictive behavior that initially provides a sense of pleasure or stability that is beyond an individual;s power to achieve other ways.In today’s society, the use of alcohol is very widespread...

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Substance Abuse

RESEARCH CASE STUDY: PERSONAL INTERVIEWED - ALCOHOL ABUSE Jennifer Campbell Theories of Personality (PSY 500A) Lynn University December 6, 2012 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to create a case study based on a specific theory of personality development. Kelly (1969) stated that personality theory presents a positive view of human nature (Schultz, & Schultz, 2009). The combination of cognitive and behavioral, together forms the infrastructure of the individual's personality;...

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Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers Underage alcohol abuse is a growing problem in the lives of teenagers today. Almost 80% of high school students have tried alcohol (Dowshen). To effectively combat this growing epidemic, teens need to understand the effects of consuming alcohol, and adults need to recognize the problem and effectively prevent alcohol abuse. Though many teenagers do not realize it, alcohol can significantly affect a teen’s life, including short-term impacts on the teen’s popularity...

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The Issue of Substance Abuse in the Military

The Issue of Substance Abuse in the Military: Before, During and Returning From Deployment Nicole Thomas Psychology 101 March 18, 2013 The Issue of Substance Abuse in the Military: Before, During and Returning From Deployment Current numbers estimate about one-third of people meet the criteria for a substance abuse problem. As one would assume, the number for people in stressful situations is higher (Lande et al., 2011). “Substance abuse includes alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, and misuse...

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Drugs and alcohol in the united states

Drug and Alcohol Abuse In The United States One of the most common problems that the youth face today in America is drug and alcohol abuse. In todays world drinking and smoking is not viewed as harmful or dangerous anymore, matter of fact its viewed as being cool and is a good thing. With newer drugs coming in, more people getting addicted, and more new youngsters staring them, it has become one of the biggest problems in America. Truth is that drugs and alcohol use is spreading...

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Drugs/Alcohol Study Guide

Alcohol ~65% of Americans drink ~A “drink” is 0.5oz of alcohol ~Proof: double the % of alcohol ex. 80 proof = 40% alcohol ~Psychoactive: change in the brain chemistry ~Abstainer: someone who doesn’t drink at all or less than once a yr. <Define Low risk Men- no more than 14 drinks/week – 4 drinks a day Women- (slower metabolism) 7 drinks/wk or 3 a day Mod. Risk: 2 drinks for men 1 drink for women High Risk: ~Binge Drinking (large consumption in little time) Men-5...

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Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers

ALCOHOL ABUSE AMONG TEENAGERS: General View: It's very interesting that I find myself writing about something that not only is commonsense, but what is more, something that every one knows about in general but may not in particular. Alcohol use among teenagers is a serious problem and is responsible for death and injury in automobile accidents, physical and emotional disability, deterioration of academic performances, aggressive behavior that causes a number of other sociological problems in...

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Alcohol Awareness Task Force Recommendation

Executive Summary In response to growing problems relating to alcohol on the Midwest University campus, President Harrison has appointed the Alcohol Awareness Task Force—made up of students—to make a recommendation. The task force looked at many issues surrounding alcohol use including health concerns, increased incidents of violence, liability, and the effects of alcohol on the body and decision-making. After considering the issues, the task force proposes that the University put together a larger...

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Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Alcohol Abuse in Teens Alcoholism is one of the biggest and unrecognized problems in our society today. Alcoholism is a substance-use disorder in which the sufferer has problems managing how much alcohol he/she consumes. Alcoholism (alcohol dependence) is a negative pattern of alcohol use leading to a number of problems, which may include needing more alcohol to get intoxicated (tolerance), difficulties that occur when the effects of alcohol wear off (withdrawal), using more alcohol or for longer...

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The Health Effects of Alcohol on Teen

The Health Effects of Teen Alcohol Use There has been many studies conducted on the health effects of both short-term and long-term use of alcohol among adults. Long-term risks inlcude liver damage, pancreatitis, certain cancers, and literal shrinkage of the brain. Alcohol use is the second leading cause of dementia; one simple ages quicker on alcohol. (3) But professionals today are worried about a steady increase in teen alcohol abuse and the possible negative health effects. According...

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Children, Adolescents, Substance Abuse, and the Media

 Children, Adolescents, Substance Abuse, and the Media American Military University Children, Adolescents, Substance Abuse, and the Media According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the media plays the largest role of influence on substance use among children and adolescents in the United States. Movies, television commercials and shows, music, internet, advertisements, books, social networking sites, video games, and...

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Alcohol: Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

Alcohol: Lowering the Legal Drinking Age Karita Lockwood Professor O’Quinn COM 323 October 29, 2012 Introduction Alcohol is a drink that is made from corn, barley or a beverage containing ethyl. There is currently an ongoing debate as to if the legal age limit for alcohol consumption should be lowered. Despite the dangers, everyday in the United States more than 13,000 children and teens consume alcohol. The age range between eleven and eighteen is the most influential period when youths...

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THE EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL IN THE BODY Excessive alcohol use can cause the pancreas to produce toxic substances that interfere with proper functioning. The resulting inflammation is called pancreatitis, a serious problem that can destroy the pancreas. One of the most frequent causes of chronic pancreatitis are alcohol abuse. Alcoholism has been an issue in our contemporary society. It is dangerous.It is becoming extremely tough for the government to fight against alcoholism in Kenya. Central Nervous...

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Causes and Effects of Alcohal Abuse

The Causes and Effects of Alcohol Abuse  For about 10% to 12% of the 140 million adults in the United States who drink, the use of alcohol develops into addiction. Alcoholism in men is approximately two to three times greater than in women (14% of male drinkers vs. 6% of female drinkers). In addition onset of alcoholism usually occurs at a younger age in men than in women (Fay, 1998). In terms of consumption 20% of drinkers consume 80% of all alcohol (Babor, 2010).   There has been an abundance...

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Issues with Teenagers and Alcohol Abuse

Issues with Teenagers and Alcohol Abuse People have been drinking alcohol for thousands of years, and attitudes about alcohol have fluctuated greatly over the centuries. It has gone from being an accepted form of relaxation to being a tool of the devil and recently it has risen to the number one drug of choice among North American teenagers. Alcohol is classified as a drug because of its effects on the body. It is not digested like a food; instead it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and...

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The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on College Students

 The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on College Students On a weekly basis, college students consume more alcohol to fit in with their peers. Prior research has shown how alcohol consumption can lead to negative effects. Typically, college students ignore the negative effects of consuming alcohol, in order to have a good time. College students are the point in their life where they are searching for new and exciting ways to fit in...

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Advertising Alcohol and Tobacco to Children

Advertising Tobacco and Alcohol to Children In his Theory of Moral Sentiment, Adam Smith said, "Man ought to regard himself, not as something separated and detached, but as a citizen of the world, a member of the vast commonwealth of nature and to the interest of this great community, he ought at all times to be willing that his own little interest should be sacrificed." These words should ring loud and clear in the ears of alcohol and tobacco marketing professionals. However, it seems more...

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Social Issues Related to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is linked to many harmful consequences for the individual drinker, the drinker’s immediate environment and society as a whole. There are many social consequences such as traffic accidents, workplace-related problems, family and domestic problems, and interpersonal violence. Work People with alcohol dependence and drinking problems are on sick leave more frequently than other employees. In Great Britain, up to 25% of workplace accidents and around 60% of fatal accidents at...

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outline of drug abuse counsellor

OUTLINE I) JOB DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES 1.treat people in recovery a.help talk about, understand, and cope with their problems 2. work to prevent drug and alcohol abuse 3.educate parents to get involved in children’s exposure to drug and alcohol 4. counsel family and friends of addicts a. asks questions and concerns they may have b. finds out how they think addiction is impacting their life ...

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Greek/Student Athlete Alcohol Consumption

Stakeholder Analysis Essay My inquiry question concerns heavy drinking within Greek life and student athletes. These are the two most at risk social groups in college. Both have an ingrained history of heavy alcohol use and have been known to frequently abuse alcohol. Student athletes and Greek life pride themselves for being leaders, upholding their personal integrity, and academic scholarship. But also they have been known for drinking for the purpose to get drunk, also known as “binge drinking”...

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College And Drinks Alcohol Essay 1 REVISED

 College students can and should enjoy alcohol without the stigma associated with it. The alternative option would be for colleges to focus on teaching students proper drinking manners, as opposed to banning alcohol outright. The problem is not alcohol on campus but people who are not mature enough to handle it. So rather than attempt in vain to hide the bottle, colleges need to educate their students on proper drinking. First example, Colleges may host parties of their own where students can freely...

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Alcohol Consumtion Should be banned

Task 1 Alcohol Consumption Should be Banned Topic sentence: Alcohol consumption is extremely dangerous and negatively affects the body in many ways. Topic sentence: alcohol consumption in moderation is healthy for the human body 1. Detrimental to physical and mental health 1. When moderated, can help prevent heart disease 2. Severely hinders adolescent brain development 2. Alcohol breaks down plaque build up in arteries 3. Problems attaining the goals of young adulthood—marriage, education...

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College Students and Alcohol

College Students and Alcohol College student drunkenness is far from new and neither are college and university efforts to control it. What is new, however, is the potential to make real progress on this age-old problem based on scientific research results. New research-based information about the consequences of high-risk college drinking and how to reduce it can empower colleges and universities, communities, and other interested organizations to take effective action. Hazardous drinking among...

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Nick DiBernardo March 1, 2013 My Sweet Alcohol Paper Boone’s Farm is Pretty Good Alcohol seems like a cornerstone piece of the college experience. As a college student, it would seem that alcohol would become a part of my life. While I often drank in high school, living independently makes it much easier to partake in alcoholic activities. I think I drink because it is such a social lubricant. What better way to easily talk to the female gender and vigorously bump against each other with loud...

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How much alcohol do teens use? Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in the United States. About half of junior high and senior high school students drink alcohol on a monthly basis, and 14% of teens have been intoxicated at least once in the past year. Nearly 8% of teens who drink say they drink at least five or more alcoholic drinks in a row (binge drink). What are the dangerous effects of alcohol use in teens? Just a few of the many dangerous effects of alcohol use in teens...

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Cycle of Alcohol Abuse

by parent(s) abusing the substance alcohol or alcoholics are at greater risk to experience or witness aggression, violence and several forms of neglect from their parent(s). They are at even greater risk to be come alcoholics and substance abuse addicts themselves. Being raised by someone addicted to or abusing alcohol also puts children at risk for emotional issues, depression and behavioral problems. According to the NIDA ( National Institute Drug Alcohol), “approximately 8% of the nations...

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Argumentative essay

Alcohol should be banned from public events What if you were told that mortality in Canada could be reduced by as low as 3000 a year! Would you be willing to accept the terms in order to make this happen? According to Parliament of Canada, statics by Collin (2006) reveals “1,055 person died in alcohol-related road crashes in Canada in 2002” and “666 people died as a result of mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of alcohol.”, making alcohol consumption a known risk factor for mortality...

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The Effects on Children of Fathers-in-Absentia

“The Effects on Children of Fathers-in-Absentia” Oakland Community College Dr. Suzanne Cleck, PsyD Class: The Fundamentals of Drug and Alcohol Abuse My father left my mother and I during the first year of my life. I know first hand the psychological effects of growing up in a fatherless household. I grew up with feelings of stress, generalized anxiety and a pervasive sense that there was something missing in my life, a sense of being incomplete. Even...

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Principles of Economics

Economics A March 2010 report on alcohol abuse identified American adults make up over 30 percent of alcohol abusers or are suffering from alcoholism (Roberts, 2010). The report interviewed 43,000 adults in the 18 and older category and brought to light the dependency on alcohol consumption by adults as well as its far-reaching implications of costs associated with this addiction. An economist would approach the problem of alcohol abuse by making the assumption that alcohol addiction and its demand are...

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Keep Drinking Age at 21

with alcohol? I believe that the drinking age should remain at 21 years old because lowering the legal drinking age would not be in the best interest of the public's safety, as well as today's youth. The most fundamental argument in favor of keeping the drinking age at 21 is the prime reason it was put at that age in the first place: the body and brain of an adolescent cannot fully form and perform to its potential if its development is interrupted by the infiltration of alcohol. Teen...

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A Major Problem That Teenagers Come Across

from other problems, is drug and alcohol abuse/use. Drug and alcohol abuse has become a huge problem among teenagers. It can start for multiple reasons. Every person has a different reason. The most common reasons or excuses for teenagers are boredom, depression, the pure enjoyment of the feeling they get, the need or desire to be like or join everyone else, peer pressure, media, television, and celebrities. The problem that comes with the usage of drugs and alcohol is that it impairs judgement...

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Should the Drinking Age Be Raised to 21?

raised to 21? Teenagers between the age of fifteen to eighteen are drinking an average of nine to eleven cans of beer per week. They will ruin their lives if they don't cut down on the alcohol. Should this be enough to raise the drinking age up to twenty-one? Teenagers do not understand how dangerous alcohol can be. BBC News proved that the UK has one of the worst problems in Europe, with a fifth of children aged eleven to fifteen drinking at least once per week. There is evidence that teenagers...

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Alcoholism and Public Health Law

Alcohol consumption poses a threat for many public health harms. Impaired driving is one of the largest contributors to motor vehicle crashes (Burris, Grunwald, Anderson, &ump; Filippoli, 2011). In the United States each year roughly 13,400 people die and an additional 255,500 are injured in motor vehicle crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver according to Burris et al., 2011. In 2006, these crashes accounted for almost a third of all U.S. traffic-related deaths (Burris et al., 2011). Alcohol...

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teeth. Homelessness is a serious problem because it mostly has to do with poverty, domestic violence, abuse of alcohol or drugs, unemployment, and shortage of affordable housing. Homeless people like Bob ask pedestrians for spare change, and sleep in public places. The real cause of homelessness is that many of them are disabled, veterans with post-traumatic-syndrome-disuse, and drug or alcohol abusers. Being disabled can make it difficult to work to afford adequate housing. Forty-Percent of homeless...

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Danielle Grecowriting project 3 2

society many individuals will try to find a way to cope with everyday life. Some will turn to Gambling, Drug abuse or Alcohol abuse. Among these individuals a high percentage are college students who will turn to substance abuse to help them deal with the stress of campus living, academic problems and acceptance .In the narrative” Too many colleges are still in denial about alcohol abuse” and “Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge Drinking in Colleges” Wechsler discusses how binge drinking...

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Why Do College Students Drink so Much?

College Students Drunk so Much? "Alcohol abuse on college campuses has reached a point where it is far more destructive than most people and today realize and today threatens too many of our youth." -Senator Joe Lieberman Why do college students drink so much? This timeless fad has effected this generation in high percentages since the beginning of college education. Today in America it is estimated that approximately 29% of college students are regular alcohol abusers. Another recent study by...

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Sydney, has created an enormous response from the public. Discussion All of these amendments were created in attempt to avoid irresponsible behaviour often associated with heavy drinking and alcohol-fuelled violence in NSW. According to an article from www.health.gov.au “One study reported that alcohol is involved in 62% of all police attendances, 73% of assaults, 77% of street offences, 40% of domestic violence incidents and 90% of late-night calls, from 10.00pm to 2.00am.” Although there...

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Iowa City Ordinance

perspectives, b) Pro-ordinance based on unrestricted environment issues, c) Anti-ordinance based on alcohol statistics, d) Anti-ordinance based on crime rates, e) Anti-ordinance based on overall community as it stands in Iowa City today. Pro-ordinance based on safety perspectives Having a 19-only bar ordinance, students can drink in a relatively safe environment that provides responsible outlets for alcohol consumption because attacking the issue entirely would be impossible. Underage students are not...

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Lower the Drinking Age

Lower the Drinking Age Everyone knows that it is illegal to consume alcohol under the age of 21. Why is 21 the "magical" age that makes a person intelligent and mature enough to consume alcohol? Sure, some adults abuse alcohol and some teenagers would be perfectly able to drink responsibly, but why not 18 or 35 or 40? This seemingly random number, 21, is associated with adulthood, as if the day a person turns 21 they know everything and are mature. The drinking age should be lowered to...

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Favors for and Against Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

cannot legally buy and consume alcohol. Strong (It tells you everything that an 18-year-old can do) Like it or not alcohol is part of the fabric of American Culture. People drink at parties, weddings work functions and any other events. And medical research suggests that moderate drinking of alcohol can reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and possibly diabetes. Strong (This statement can be true people do drink at events) Prohibiting the use of alcohol under the age 21 serves to drive...

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American Council on Alcohol Problems (ACAP) in September of last year, Dan Ireland, president of that organization, came up to me and asked: "Mark, when are you folks in North Carolina going to do something about those AWOL machines being marketed out of Greensboro." My response was one of complete surprise, responding: "What's an AWOL machine?" That's when Ireland educated me about one of the newest and worst forms of alcohol abuse, I believe, ever known to man. AWOL stands for "Alcohol Without Liquid"...

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Lowering the Drinking Age

the legal age of maturity is absurd. Who is it to say that just because an individual is twenty-one means that they are mature enough to consume alcohol in a responsible manner? Changing the legal drinking age to eighteen should be imposed. Eighteen year-old individuals can take on many adult responsibilities, but they do not have the right to consume alcohol. Many people feel this is unfair while others disagree and think it’s best. There is a huge controversy over whether to keep the legal drinking...

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Community Wellness

The topic that I have chosen to generate awareness on is Drug Abuse. Contrary to early and popular belief drugs such as cigarettes are not only iconic in adults but they’re also becoming a major issue in teens these days. If a teen that smokes can find someone to buy them a pack then they are seen underaged and smoking. Cigarettes are not the only drugs that have become issue. Weed and pills are also a major concern. Teens these days abuse drugs in order to escape or simply cross boundaries set in front...

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Getting Serious About Eradicating Binge Drinking

Harvard School of Public Health found an increase of intoxication, drinking solely just to get drunk, and also in alcohol-related problems. Among these problems are injuries, drunk driving, violence, and difficulty in academics. For example, of the students that drink, more than half of them said that their motivation was “to get drunk.” Even though many students have suffered alcohol-related deaths, the amount of binge drinking is still on the rise (20). With that said, binge drinking has been...

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