Unit 6 C1

Topics: Developmental psychology, Nutrition, Personal life Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Planning is important because it gives the practitioner guidelines of what they are going to do with the children. Planning lessons is linked to the EYFS and the National Curriculum. The EYFS says ‘Practitioners must consider the individual needs, interests and stage of development of each child in their care and must use this information to plan a challenging and enjoyable experience for each child in all of the areas of learning and development.’ This is an important statement made by the EYFS because it states that all children are not the same, so an individual learning plan is set up which is appropriate for the child. The Early Years Foundation Stage also links to Every Child Matters. The ECM outcomes are; -Staying safe

-Being healthy
-Enjoying and achieving
-Making a positive contribution
-Achieving economic well-being.
Being healthy is an important one. As this is where Change 4 Life makes a difference. As practitioners have to follow this framework, change 4 life helps practitioners achieve this by setting up advice and activities for free. Change 4 Life leaflets are given out in schools for parents so the change can be advised for home life as well as school. Good planning is the key to ensuring that all children have an effective learning experience. Promoting a healthy lifestyle links to ‘Change 4 Life’ which is a scheme to get children and adults healthy and active. Practitioners have a responsibility to guide the children in their care in the right path and encourage them to be healthy. Practitioners plan to set up activities in which the children can be educated about being healthy and also experience being healthy. In my placement, we planned a fruit tasting experience. Planning was important because we had to consider dietary needs e.g. allergies. A risk assessment was also carried out. The Change 4 Life programme said ‘This part of the campaign focuses on Early Years because good habits picked up now can reap great rewards later.’...
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